Sashimi Lobster @Fish Market Restaurant 鱼市场餐厅, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

My friend said, "Let's go to eat at the Fish Market!". "Fish Market? Are we going to Australia? I have been to Sydney's famous Fish Market!" I replied bewildered. The name sounds familiar, so I was taken aback by her suggestion of "Fish Market". "No, it is in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur lah" she answered. So there is a restaurant by the name of Fish Market in Kuala Lumpur that sells fresh seafood. It is a real eye opener to me. 

This is Fish Market Restaurant, is located at Jalan Kuari, Cheras. We went for dinner, so I couldn't get a nice photo of the restaurant front in the dark. This restaurant has downstairs and upstairs dining, and plenty of car park spaces. It is not like Sydney Fish market at Pyrmont, NSW where there are many different stalls. Here this is one restaurant that serves fine dining with quality seafood. We went there to celebrate a friend's birthday. 

Australian Lobster - 1.745 Kg

First we went to choose the seafood. There are many types of seafood from Canadian Lobsters, Australian Lobsters, Geoducks, King Crabs, Turbot fish, scallops, crabs and others. We chose a big Australian Lobster so that there are meat for sashimi style cooking. 

The big Lobster was first served on top a plate of ice with the meat thinly cut out and placed beside it. Sashimi style, the lobster meat is so fresh and placed on the ice that makes it almost invisible. 

We can eat it just like this sashimi way topped with wasabi. Heavenly indeed because it is so fresh!

Another way to eat it is to dip it into a bowl of hot boiling soup. Just hold the lobster meat with your chopstick/ladle, and dip it into the soup. You control the timing, according to your preference of medium cook or well done. Meaning, you take it out whenever you want, such as, if you want it fully cooked, then dip it longer, and if medium cooked, then just a short while will do. 

At first, I couldn't see the sashimi lobster meat, almost like blend in on the shining ice cubes. Oh, so it is these yellow ones here. 

French Turbot Fish - RM229.46

The other dishes that we ordered are French Turbot Fish. Beautiful soft smooth flesh and cooked with the correct temperature. 

Steamed Glass Shrimp

Steamed Beancurd with Scallop

This is a must order delectable dish, beancurd is soft and scallops nicely cooked  

While we were enjoying these scrumptious dishes, in came a plate of noodles! Yeah, the lobster was all used up, it is chopped up and fried with noodles! Awesome! Nothing goes to waste here.

Fried noodles with lobster

The tables are placed far apart, not like some restaurants that are noisy and stuffy. There are private rooms for special occasions upstairs too. 

While waiting for friends outside this restaurant, one can see fishes swimming and also bird nests hanging on the ceiling. 

This is the total bill. Please note prices may vary at different date. 

Fish Market Restaurant
Lot 044500, Jalan Kuari,
 Kg.Cheras Baru, 56100
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-42806253

My Ratings: 
Taste: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Location: 8/10

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