Food & Games at Hanxi Night Market: Pig blood cake, Stone grind corn cakes, churros ..

 I was in Taichung, Taiwan last month for an urgent personal matter. Thus my relatives were rather busy so they only manage to take me to the night markets during night time. We went to the Hanxi night market and I was intrigued to see the many types of food and the different way of life there. 

Hanxi Night market is one of the popular night markets in Taichung. Situated next to the Hanxi river, (that's how its name came about), it is also easily accessible as it is near to the train station. One can also take a taxi there too. Hanxi night market stalls are all within a square shaped area of an old parking lot. There are about 300 stalls operating five days a week, from 6pm to 12 am. It's also Taichung's first model hygiene night market. At Hanxi night market here, you can find many local delicacies stalls, and also many traditional games stalls. 

How corn cakes are cooked from the freshly ground corns

Stone Grinder powered by electricity. The liquid ground corn is then mixed into a dough and cooked immediately.  

Tasty corn cakes, there are also different types of fillings inside!


Cooked crabs and other types seafood such as shrimps, sea snails and land snails

Pig blood cake- a local favorite delicacy. Made from steamed rice and pig blood, then topped with your choice of either peanuts, vegetables or sesame seeds. 

Pretty girl using a loudspeaker to promote food.

I was amazed to see so many types of games that are available at this Hanxi Night Market.


Games that can be played by people of all ages, from the young to the old.

Dogs also enjoyed a stroll inside this night market.  

I saw that there are more locals at this night market as compared to Feng Jia night market. Definitely not a place to be missed if you are in Taichung.   

Above is one of the videos on Hanxi Night Market. Please go to for more videos on Hanxi Night Market and other travel events. 

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