Ramadan Buffet 2023, The Pearl Hotel Kuala Lumpur: "Sajian Warisan Nusantara"


The Pearl Hotel Kuala Lumpur this year presents a feast "Sajian Warisan Nusantara", a celebrations of childhood dishes that are passed on from generations. From 24th Mac to 20th April 2023, guests can enjoy a wide range of tempting local cuisines, and live cooking stations at Melo Cafe & Deli, Level 5. 

I like the outdoor live BBQ sections of Melo Cafe & Deli. Here, we can see the seafood and dairy grilled in front of us and we can eat it piping hot. Lots of BBQ food are served here such as Kambing Golek, Ayam Golek, satay, murtabak, kenny rogers chicken and others. I just love hot food, as it is healthy. 

The Gerai Shell Out is a new addition to other Ramadan buffets and you can just dig into different kinds of seafood such as crabs, prawns, squids, clams, and vegetables all cooked together in spicy sauce. Next to this stall is also the Gerai Luk Luk, a unique Malaysian cuisine where you can dip sticks of seafood and fish balls into hot water to cook it and topped it with sauce to eat. 

The versatile all-round Chefs here at The Pearl Hotel have prepared over 100 choices of diverse Malaysian cuisine. The first must-have at Ramadan is the Roasted Whole Lamb, well marinated, tender and juicy. Other must-have authentic delicacies are Nasi Briyani Kambing, Nasi Briyani Ayam,  Gulai Kawah Daging, Gulai Daging Bunga Kantan, Lemang Buluh, 


From appetizers to desserts, every bite is a delight at this luxury restaurant. The various types of delightful desserts here aare Aneka Pemanis Mulut, Sago Gula Melaka, Aneka kuih-muih, and many more. Here at The Pearl Kuala Lumpur, most of the dishes prepared are inspired by recipes handed down through the generations by our mothers and grandmothers. Each dish is a labor of love and they want to give the diners a sense of Sajian warisan nostalgia through the recipes curated by our Chefs.

Western menu of spaghetti, wow!!! Kids would love this very much. I overheard a father telling his son that there is spaghetti over there. 

My last visit to The Pearl Hotel buffet dine-in was about more than 10 years ago. Today, I was surprised to see such a vast change. Melo Cafe & Deli has a stylish interior, ambiance, and modern decor. It has a seating capacity of 300 persons, and there is indoor and outdoor dining too. Such a nice change and the flavours are delicious too. 
I love this concept of fresh fruits kept inside this glass shelf. It is so hygienic and clean, especially during this scare of Covid times. This is the first time I see fruits being kept this way at buffet serving. Congratulations to Melo Cafe & Deli, The Pearl Hotel for serving fresh fruits in a hygienic way.  

  In addition, you can enjoy a unique experience of live ghazals sung by our talented singers this special evening. This is an opportunity to indulge the beautiful music and poetry.

The Ice-Cream man is here. Ice cream Potong is the nostalgic childhood kampung ice cream that I ate when I was young. 

Melo Cafe & Deli Buffet, Sajian Warisan Nusantara

From Mac 2023 – 31 Mac 2023 - Special Price:
Adult: RM98.00+ Children (4 -12 years old): RM58.00+ Senior citizen or OKU: RM78.00+ 
From 1 April 2023 – 20 April 2023 - Normal Price:
Adult: RM128.00+ Children (4-12 years old): RM78.00+ Senior Citizen or OKU: RM98.00+

Classic Ramadan Buffet at Main Hall, Level 5: Minimum 50 pax group
From 31 Mac - 20 April 2023
Adult 98.00 +  and Child 68.00+

For reservations: Ms Afie (016-331 8795) https://wa.link/ns5agy 
Ms Su (013-937 0588) https://wa.link/mw1xit
 Ms Devi (016-927 4755) https://wa.link/tzudrv 

Lucky Draw! Lucky Draw! Don't forget to fill in the card and drop it into Lucky Draw box!!!
2ND PRIZE : RM2500 
3RD PRIZE : RM1000 
10 CONSOLATION PRIZE : Complimentary 2 days 1 night in Deluxe room

Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama
58200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 0379831111

Video of Ramadan Buffet Preview at The Pearl Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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