Will blind fish live? Story of blindy.

"Oh dear! It's blind! Only sockets left, no eyes..... Yuk!" My daughter screamed to me on Sunday.
My white koi fish was injured, had its fins, body and even eyes gored out! Poor fella. I feel so bad.

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I am amateur in fish rearing. I just started to buy a fish tank on Feb. 2013 last year. As usual, feeling very excited, I bought 2 white Koi, 2 orange multicolored Koi and 4 Lampang fishes. After a few days, the 2 big Lampang died. Cause of death I am not sure but it's body has been bitten .

Later I noticed the other 2 Lampang has been chasing the Koi fishes especially the white Kois. Later one white Koi died. So I gave the Lampangs away as they must be the culprit.  So I have the only surviving white koi and two orange Kois. I added another 3 more small orange Koi. A friend told me to add some small fishes. So on Sunday, I went to buy 4 small fish called cichlids.

A few days later, I found some of my koi's fins were bitten off!

So, that's what happened to Blindy, the white koi. It had only one side of fin, some rugged bitten tail fin, both eyes gored out. I am so sorry, Blindy. I took out the cichlids to another smaller tank but they didn't survive and died just after one day. Maybe the water was not suitable.

I quickly separated my injured white koi, Blindy using my flour seive. It's the only thing I had as it's at night already.

Day 2
Blindy is still alive! I have bought a bigger seive.


Thank you, May God bless all beings including Blindy!
Will continue to post Blindy's update everyday!

#Cerita IKU# - In Malaysia people with disabilities is called OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) and this is IKU : Ikan Kurang Upaya

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