Will blind fish live? Story of Blindy day 3

Blindy is very weak. It's not eating. First day I hand fed it. Yesterday it ate 2 small fish feed.
Today it swims very slowly and almost practically nil. Sad.

Why do small fish attack bigger fish? Why can't all living beings live in peace. Blindy has been separated from the other fishes. Otherwise it will swim into the into the plants and rocks and get entangled inside. The leaves will poke into its hollow eyes! Then it will feel more painful, or do fishes feel pain?

Hope Blindy can survive......

Ikan buta boleh hidup beberapa lama? Doakan Blindy boleh terus menjuang nyawa ikannya yang tersendiri. IKU ......... Kesian....... Semua makluk mempunyai hak hidup!

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