Segye Mee @ SS15, Subang Jaya

"Instant noodles cuisine? Instant mee buffet? Never heard of! What? Where are you going?" These are the questions my friends asked the minute they heard me saying about this instant mee buffet. I say, "Wait, I will tell you all about it later"

So on Sunday, off I trotted  to Segye Mee restaurant in SS15, Subang Jaya, Segye Mee Restaurant for their press conference of signing on Miau Miau as the brand ambassador who coincidentally is also the owner. Miau Miau is a famous actress and comedian in Malaysia.

Segye Mee is the First Instant Mee Buffet Restuarant in Malaysia. It offers a brand new concept of dining cuisine with instant mee. Instant mee can be considered a favorite and convenient food across board in Malaysia. It is also popular with Asian countries such as Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and etc. Every country has it's own version and taste, including containers of various shapes of cups and bowls.

This instant mee buffet cost RM19.90 per pax with free flow of drinks. There are 136 types of instant noodles from different countries to choose from. You can cook yourself with individual sabu-sabu style pots. I like the 25 types of sides dishes of vegetables, eggs, mushrooms and fish balls that can be added to make it a healthier dish! Segye Mee is at present giving a promotion of RM15.90 and RM10.90 for children and RM16.90 for students.

The advantage of this buffet is we can choose our own preference of packet instant noodles and cook it according to our own taste and add whatever side dish we like. We do not have to hunt for instant noodles from hypermarkets, buy a pack of 4 but actually we only wanted to try one packet for the taste.

My choice of side dishes
Roasted Duck and Chicken are from China and Taiwan

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Oh dear,  it's "Kueh Chap"! It's a type noodle found only in some morning wet market stalls. When cooked, it is rounded, soft and really looked the same and taste just as good but of course without the various chicken entrails.                    This packet is from Thailand. The label called it "Kua-Chap". Cool, we can get unique instant mee from other countries 

A special type of noodle made in Thailand, "Kua-Chap" or "Kueh-Chap"
The procedure is first we choose the packet of mee from the shelves and the side dishes. Then boil the water and cook according to our taste, be it very soft or medium or make it chewy. After eating, the pot can be changed and we start cooking again and again until full and satisfied. I also tried a packet from Indonesia and one from dried style mee from Korea.

Korean Instant noodle - dried style (like our Indomie Mi Goreng)
Indonesian Instant Mee
It is worth trying this special type of buffet, especially for instant noodle fans, college students and families with children. Segye Mee offers ala carte for breakfast and lunch.

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