Senjyu @ Bangsar Village II

Senjyu Japanese Restaurant offers premium Japanese cuisine stressing on the importance of freshness and finest air-flown ingredients such as Wagyu beef, giant scallops and live oysters. Senjyu  recently introduced 8 new menus on 16 June 2014. I was amazed by the freshness and intricate ensemble and contemporary artistry. All are so tasty and beautifully presented.
Butterfly Maki

I love the enticing culinary design of premium river eel slices wrapped around tempura crabstick sushi roll with sweet teriyaki sauce. It does not only satisfies the stomach but it is also a feast to eyes! A plate of a Butterfly Maki cost RM59.99
Soft Shell Kani & Unagi Mental Maki @ RM29.99
Soft shell crab! It's my favourite! Normally, it is served as a whole crab, fried. So, I was surprised to see this dish at Senjyu presented differently. It consist of six pieces of crispy soft shell crab combined with premium river eel, creamy codfish roe sauce and deep fried with sushi roll.

At Senjyu, oysters are one of the main fresh ingredients. The oysters are so fresh that they are air-flown live, to the restaurant and it must be alive when opened, otherwise it will not be served to customers. Oyster Sashmi at Senjyu is so big, juicy, succulent that I am satisfied with just one. It cost RM17.99 per piece and RM87.99 for half a dozen.

Hana Moriawase consist of an assortment of fresh raw tuna, salmon, surf clam, octopus and butterfish. I can literally taste the sweetness of the fresh meat! I feel that this dish is worth a try at RM47.99.  

Kaki Roll costing RM22.99 is made up of succulent oyster and various types of mushrooms. It is a dish worth eating because I can literally taste the soft oyster inside. The assorted mushrooms and oyster was nicely wrapped by egg omelette gives a perfect fusion of taste.

Yasai Maki is somewhat like a vegetarian dish with assortment of fresh vegetables and sweet beancurd wrapped in lettuce. It costs RM17.99

Fomerly, Senjyu had Garlic rice on their menu. Now, Senjyu introduced a new seafood fried rice called Kaisen Ninniku Chahan. There are plenty of seafood in the fried rice! It is at only RM15.99 per bowl.

A new dessert on the menu is Shiratama Zenzai. It is hot red bean soup with japanese rice cakes and black sesame filling (mochi). The red bean soup is thick, and I can smell the orange peel which is what traditionally people add to red bean soups. It is RM7.99 per bowl with three "mochi". 
I am sucker for Japanese food, visiting Japanese restaurants at least once in two months. My regular ones are Sushi King and Sakae Sushi because these restaurants are easily found an most shopping complexes. Coincidently, I found out that Sakae Sushi and Senjyu belongs to the same parent company! 

Senjyu means 'eternity of life' and the flying crane symbolise longevity and soaring to greater heights.
Senjyu at Bangsar Village II is the second branch with another branch situated at the eCurve.

As every dish is crafted by top chefs to sheer culinary perfection, I find it difficult to name the top dish. My personal choice of must try are Butterfly Maki, Hana Moriawase, Soft shell Kani & Unagi Mental Maki and Oyster Sashmi. You can go to Senjyu if you like to savour the freshness of seafood especially the oyster.

Bangsar Village II
2F-27 & 28, 2nd floor, Bangsar Village II,
2, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru.
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201 5865

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