Happy feeling at Honda service center Kah Motor Co, Puchong, Malaysia

Got a new car? Great! Of course, there's the happy feeling while driving new cars, My New Car! But I wonder how you will feel when it's time to send for servicing. I do not know, but I always do not like going to car workshops and service centers. There's this uncomfortable feeling, like I am out of place, maybe because I am not a man? And maybe because I feel that it's a man's place.

Just had my Honda City car serviced today at Kah Motor Co. Sdn. Bhd, Puchong, Selangor. Went in as a walk-in customer at around 10.30 am and got my car done and given to me around 12.30 noon. Not bad as I expected to wait longer being a walk-in without prior appointment made.
Since customers normally have to wait for hours, of course the importance has to be the waiting area (lounge). So this is what I am trying to show here, their effort in giving a more comfortable and relaxing space.

What impressed me most is the big spacious waiting area. I have been to a number of other brand car service centers and even other Honda service centers. Some had such a small waiting area and is full to the brink with customers standing around as there is also a showroom in the same building. There is also a lack of parking space because lots of people are also coming to take delivery of their new cars. Few years back, my daughter's was knocked by another hit and run car just after signing the delivered form.

There is a corner for children to play equiped with swings and some toys. Awesome!
                                                Pantry corner is spacious, neat and clean.
Nasi lemak! Free nasi lemak is provided on top of the usual coffee, Milo and packets of biscuit. This is something different!


                                                          Receptionist at work.
Congratulations to Kah Motor Sdn Bhd (Puchong) for the effort in providing a comfortable waiting lounge for its customers. Of course there are also better ones provided by other brands of car companies. But at this moment I am just happy with this!

Kah Motor Sdn Bhd (Puchong)
5, Jalan Bandar 1,
Pusat Bandar Puchong
47100 Puchong
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel:   +60 3-5882 8282

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  1. What la, why you remember that incident la, no need it. That car already SOLD out la. We no need to remember it. Importantly, we learned the mistake and lesson, be enough.

  2. Really fond of Honda. Nice service! Enjoy it!