Soul in Seoul @Sri Petaling, KL

Spotted this Soul in Seoul Restaurant in Sri Petaling, on my regular weekend dinner dine out. It is a Korean BBQ restaurant which the shining tubes coming down from the ceiling to suck up the smoke. I saw this in a few other Korean restaurants in other places.
 The Korean lady boss informed me that this is now the in-thing in most BBQ restaurants in Korea.

 I ordered from their set menu, that is Set B for two pax costing RM64.00 and one Spicy chicken Burrito and one Spicy pork Burrito which cost RM6.90 each.
 The Kimchi arrived first and placed around the stove as shown below. Along with the Kimchi, there are two pieces of tauhu, which is new! In most Korean restaurants, the Kimchi (Korean side dishes) is free and refillable.

                                              Then the charcoal in put inside the stove.
My menu of set B consist of a plate of Chicken with spicy sauce, a plate of Pork belly with soy sauce, a pot of Kimchi Stew with steam rice.  The waiter will cook the meat over the stove for you.

                                              He will then cut the meat into small pieces.
                                           The BBQ meat is served by putting in a plate.
 Egg mixture was poured on the side of the grill. Therefore, we get to enjoy steamed egg mixture as well. Great!
When all the meat has been BBQ, they will take away the charcoal stove from the center
                  The pot of Kimchi Stew. It is abit too dilute for me with not enough punch.
This cool Tiger-rita beer served in a glass cost RM19.00, personally I think its on the high side for the pricing.
The walls are decorated with photograghs and stories on the history of Korea.

         Outside this Soul in Seoul restaurant, it is decorated with big oil can with some pieces of wood.

 The total bill comes to RM107 incuding a 10% service charge and a glass of plain water costing RM0.80. Well, I suppose I have to remember to bring my own tumble of plain water with me whenever I go. I have to make this a healthy habit and, especially with our hot Malaysian weather, our body needs to stay hydrated. 

Soul in Seoul
No. 55-57 G, Jalan Radin Bagus
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
57000, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9055 3555

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  1. Mom! Why you don't bring me to eat at Sri Petaling?? :((