Sweet Hut Dessert Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

To all dessert lovers out there, this is a restaurant you shouldn't miss. Sweet Hut, a restaurant specialising on desserts. This name is derived from the actual word "sweet heart". Well desserts are sweet, and anything done with "heart" will surely brings out the best! Here of course its the flavour, color and taste!
Sweet Hut has many different types of menus with a widely travelled chef of more than 20 years experience in desserts. Therefore there are interesting range of desserts from Italy, France, Spain, HongKong, Malaysia and others. 

Ah, my favourite, Coconut Pudding with Caramel Pudding. This is a must have! It comes in a coconut, top with caramel, a slice of watermelon and honey melon. Taste heavenly! The caramel sweetness and texture is just perfect, not too creamy and running.
What a surprise! The caramel is actually sitting on jelly inside the coconut, as shown above. After savouring all the lovely desserts inside the coconut, there is another job to be done. What is it?
This is my fun thing, scrapping the tender coconut flesh from the inside of the coconut! See the picture above. I am a pro at this, and normally I will scrap the whole inside of the coconut clean using a metal spoon. I personally feel that RM12.80 for this fun dish is worth it.
Ordered Milk Almond pudding and Mango Pomelo soup, their signature dish from caramel and almond pudding series. The pomelo soup tastes ok, the mango is of nice yellow color but sour, not sweet. What a disappointment, as normally mangoes with this ripe yellow color should be sweet.  
This signature dish of almond pudding will definitely liked by older folks and those who love the traditional almond essence smell. But, it can be a big turn off for some who donot like the strong almond scent. My daughter is one who just can't stand it and her face was all curled down with repulse. Well, to each his own. This Milk Almond pudding and Mango Pomelo soup costs RM8.90
Sesame Balls are many people's favourite dessert because it is crispy and crunchy. So, my girl ordered this as its peanut filling, not the normal red bean filling. This sesame balls cost is RM4.90 for 3 pieces. Price wise is ok, but the the skin is not as crispy and texture abit tough and not crunchy enough.
This sign on the table showing 6 egg tarts for RM4.90 is so very tempting. So, curiosity got the better of us. This tarts came cold, ok, well because it is stated as Malaysia's first cold egg tart. But somehow, being an old fashioned lady, I secretly hope that it will be hot. Old folks are hard to change, but I am sure some younger generations like it cold. The fillings are not as thick as shown in the pictures on the table.
 I like the blown up pictures on the wall of the restaurant. It brightens the place and also provide the much needed info on the food. Well done.

Tables and seats are all well placed giving the bright cheerful ambience. Their theme of "Hearts" to make it attractive for dessert lovers and couples really works. (Proven from this photo below) Congrats!
   There are a total of 20 branches of Sweet Hut. I went to the Sri Petaling Sweet Hut restaurant.
"Stressed spell backwards is Desserts". I am very sure I will be patronising Sweet Hut again very soon. Especially at stressful and tiring times. There are also many other types of desserts from the menu that I would like to try :)

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