Beng Huat Chicken Rice @Perai, Penang

Found this interesting shop serving a different type of chicken rice. There are lots of shops selling chicken rice accompanied by a small bowl of normal clear chicken soup. But this chicken rice is accompanied by a small bowl of Asam soup!
                                                               A plate of half chicken.

Most shops would just chop one half chicken and put it on a plate. This plate of half chicken is topped with plenty of garnishing. The surprising thing I find is even under th chicken meat is another layer of brean sprout (taugeh)! As  a person who loves lots of vegetables, I am very happy about it. I know, some people can't stand beansprouts. I have a friend who does not like it at all. She would pick out every single beansprouts from a plate of fried kuey teow!
This is the bowl of asam soup. There are five of us so there are five bowls of this asam soup given. This asam soup tastes just nice with a touch of tangy sourness. Hmmm....Not too sour nor bland to me.
There are two types of cooking for the asam fish available, the fried fish type or non fried as above. The fish used in this shop is mackerel or "ikan kembong" in Malay Language.
In Penang, "Lor Bak" (five spices meat roll)  is a dish not to be missed. Lor Bak is a famous Penang dish and normally served with fried beancurd ("tau kua" in Hokkien). Here again we can see the garnishings with additional beansprouts.
                             Braised chicken legs and hardboiled eggs are other add-ons available.
     As for vegetables, we chose a plate of glass lettuce with oyster sauce. All the dishes tastes superb.

 Lunch for 5 person with half chicken, five whole asam fish, Lor Bak, a plate of lettuce, chicken legs and two hardboiled eggs together with 5 glasses of Barley water cost only RM56.80!
                                                 Mr. Beng Huat chopping up the chicken.

Beng Huat Chicken rice and Asam fish Restaurant is at Jalan Gan Chai Leng, Chai Leng Park. It is further up after the famous Restaurant Pelita if you are coimg from the traffic light.

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