Luna Park Sydney, Australia

Luna Park Sydney, an amusement park situated at Milsons Point, North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Luna Park is the name shared by dozens of amusement parks all over the world since 1903.

I was happy to be able to go to Luna Park Sydney after my first encounter with Luna Park in Melbourne. Luna Park Melbourne is located in St. Kilda with an impressive sunshine face. Luna Park Sydney also features a big clown face at the entrance and we walk into the park through it's mouth under all the teeth. My friend"s baby (about 1 year old) was too frightened by this colorful clown face and would not want to go in. Anyway, I did see other babies inside Luna Park, so it's individual feeling then.
There are lots of interesting games to play. The entrance is free and opened the whole year round. Opening hours depend on the seasons of the year. It can be checked at Luna Park Sydney opening hours. In Malaysia, there are huge amusement parks combined with water parks such as the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Petaling Jaya. Smaller amusement parks with rides and games normally move from town to town and setup in the fields or strategically  located open area in a small town itself 

There are rides catering to all ages, from children to adults. The  Carousel is very colorful and attractively decorated with 1640 twinkling bulbs and cut glass mirrors as shown below.

ROTOR is a gravity-defying ride that shoves you against the wall, spins you at ridiculous speeds, slips the floor from under your feet to leave you hanging mid-air
There other rides which both children and adults can do together.

Ferris Wheel gives a panoramic view of the city and Sydney Harbour

Hair Raiser, oooh, it is a real ride that does not only makes your hair fly up and out, but also raise up all the hairs on your body. This ride goes high up providing a good view over Harbour Bridge, then plunges down. The picture below shows the 50 m high Hair Raiser in the background.

There are seats in the center for older folks to sit and rest while waiting for their children

There are souvenir shops and cafe' for food-on-the-go..
I like this creative interesting clown recycle bins. Wow, how nice if it can be placed on streets and in schools!

The ticketing counter is situated on the right as we walk in from the entrance.
Luna Park Sydney can be booked for events such as parties, family day, team bulding and social groups. 
Luna Park Sydney, an awesome and interesting park!

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  1. I wan try it! Next time, Jocelyn and I will play Luna Park Theme Sydney!