Penang Hill @GeorgeTown, Malaysia

Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera as it is known locally, is a famous destination for tourist visiting this Pearl of Orient state in Malaysia . Penang Hill is  833 m (2,723 ft) above sea level with the average temperature 20C - 27C. 

Numerous trekking trails lead from various starting points in the lowlands to Penang Hill. The more popular trails include the Moongate Trail, trail from Air Itam Dam to Tiger Hill, trail from Hye Keat Estate and trail from the Municipal Park (formerly Youth Park). Some of the trails are used by farmers to transport produce to the markets of Balik Pulau and Air Itam.
It takes about two to three hours lesurely hike to reach the top. I used to do this hiking trail when I as in my teens which is about 40 years ago! 
Penang Hill Railway train or funicular train Reurn  Fares for funicular trains are RM30 for adults and Rm 15 for children age 3 - 12 for foreigners and local Malaysians are RM8 and 4 respectively. Operating hours are 6.30 am to 8 pm for normal days and extended to 10pm for school holidays and public holidays. Train station starts from Air Itam.
Walkway from the train station

The center open area.
The Owl Museum
The food court just beneath the Owl Museum
A few stalls selling clothes and souvenirs next to the food court
There is a mosque and Indian Temple on the hill top
For an enjoyable scenic and leisure ride around the hill top, there is this buggy service. Tickets can be bought at a small table with just an umbrella shade near the way up the Indian Temple. It cost RM30 per buggy. 
Along this ride there are stops for tourist to take photos of the downtown Penang island view and some explanations from the driver.
View of the Penang Bridge from Penang Hill
Under construction, a scenic viewpoint. I hope I can experienc it on my next visit.
     There is this lovely Sky Terrace Cafe which will give customers a lovely view while drinking coffee. I have been up to Penang Hill numerous times in my half decade life, and was saddened to see that it has gone down the hill on the various attractions and beautification. My most memorable place was a Rose Garden then, where I enjoyed smelling the nice scented roses.
      I have trouble looking for a car park when I was there on Christmas day in Dec 2014. I have to park my car way up along the hillslope which is about 100m away. The picture below is the path I have to walk towards the train station
Word of advice.
1. Try not to go during local school and public holidays. This is the time when it is really packed as  locals love to go up to enjoy a cooler temperature and get away from the hot humid weather down   in George Town.
2. Going up and down takes about 2.5 hrs, so it is better to eat your meals in George Town. Moreover, George Town is famous for its hawker food, so enjoy trying the local delicacies at lower prices in town.
3. Catch the train early in the morning to avoid the rush and packed train.
4. Do not have high expectations  

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