Wairere Falls, North Island, New Zealand

Wairere Falls is the highest waterfall in North Island, New Zealand. It plunges 153 meters and is situated between Te Aroha and Matamata. The view from the lookout after 50mins hike up is spectacular!
A spectacular sight from the lookout!
I love the information provided at all the tourist areas in New Zealand. There is the map and the estimated time of hike. Car park areas are well maintained which I am very happy, because I drive a rented car. This one even stated there is a surveillance CCTV, cool!
 The map is detailled with the estimated time of climb. Of course, for a fit person he may even take half the time. but for me, a person who seldom exercise, I have to add 10 - 20 minutes more to it!
There are a few wooden bridges along the way.

 My, it was tiring and I am panting.
Then along the way here, from the bottom of the stairs, it says  99 steps before the Lookout. But upon reaching the top of the steps, I can't see the signboard or the Lookout! I thought of giving up.
There is no sign board immediately on the top of the stairs. I thought, well, that's it I am going down. Luckily, I persisted and found this Lookout sign after another 5 minutes.
So, altogether I took one hour, and it was worth the effort. The view of the waterfall is spectacular! I heard that the top of the falls is even better but it is another 45 minutes up. I didn't do it. So for me, it is about 2 hours duration going up and down.

The parking for this Wairere Falls is at Goodwin Road, Gordon, Waikato, New Zealand. Wairere Falls can be reached from Goodwin Road off Te Aroha-Okauia road, south of Te Aroha.

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