Golden Chicken & PaySameOrLess @Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza recently launch its new menu of Golden Chicken and the new logo of "PaySameOrLess" campaign in Malaysia. This is the nett price of see what you pay begins on 16 March 2015 is a way of offering savings prior to 1st April, when GST takes into effect in Malaysia, said En. Shamsul Amree, General Manager, Operations, Domino's Pizza Malaysia and Singapore.
The Golden Chicken range of Domino's Pizza comes in four flavours of two hot and spicy and two normal. The chicken is oven-baked to perfection and topped with lip-smacking toppings of four different flavours. 

The Golden Italiano Chicken is topped with pesto sauce offering a mildly spicy and buttery flavours.

The Golden Mexican Chicken will appeal to salsa-lovers as it is topped with salsa sauce, pineapple. a balance of sweet and spicy, with a dash of chilli flakes.

The Golden Mediterranean Chicken is Napolitana-topped with sweet and tangy flavour.

The Golden Outback Chicken has just the right balance of smoky, savory flavour and a tease of spiciness. It is topped with BBQ sauce.
All the Golden Chicken are at RM10.50 nett each. This is the introductory price for a limited time only. The normal price is RM15.50 nett. So quick, grab it before the offer is finished!

The actual Golden Chicken comes rounded in shape, not rectangular as shown in the pictures. But the taste is delicious, with soft tender chicken. The chicken is healthy as it is oven baked. Fantastic idea of combining soft tender baked chicken with pizza topping! Hats off to Domino's Pizza!

The four types of Golden Chicken available at Domino's Pizza.

Thanks to Ms. Chrissie the invitation to the "Go for Gold With Domino's Pizza" launch at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Bahasa Malaysia version of this blog is at : Domino's Pizza memperkenalkan "Golden Chicken"

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