Cat Cafe @Georgetown, Penang

Stressed out? Love cats? Go into a cat cafe to chill out then. There is this Purrfect Cat Cafe in George Town, Penang.

I found this Purrfect Cat cafe while walking around Georgetown, Penang. Whoa, my daughters insisted on going in, even paying for me! Both of them are staunch and ardent cat lovers. How not to agree??

 I didn't know what to expect. Eating and petting a cat on my lap? Able to take pictures with as many cats with different posses? But no..... Its actually you eat in the next room and go into the other room with cats to take photos or pet them.
We have to pay RM18.00 each to be able to go upstairs to the cafe and see the cats. This amount of RM18 can be used for purchasing food and beverages or souvenirs.
The entrance to the other room with the cats from the cafe.
Inside this room, the cats are either sleeping or walking around. But we are not allowed to bring any food and feed the cats in this room. There are seats and tables for relaxing among the cats.
Seats inside for guests to rest and relax among the cats
There are shelves at the sides. This Bengal Cat named Molly (by this cafe owner) has just jumped up to the top shelf.
It has finally found its favourite spot and sleeping comfortably on the top shelf.
 This is Bear, of Scottish Fold species is trying to disturb Molly as shown in the first photo of this blog. Bear is male and Molly is female :) In the end, Bear finally decided to sit in a corner by itself with this unhappy face.
 Below is Teddy, male and of American Shorthair species sleeping under a chair.
This Persian cat is named Orange 
As the saying goes, "As every cat owner knows, noboby ever owns a cat", so it is not easy to get a cat pose with you for photographs or even be able to pet it. 
So, I only can pose for photos with these 3 pieces of cat cushions, :(
Now Molly is wondering why the opposite shop has more customers going in than here. "Meow, meow come over here, my cute girl friends are waiting for you"

Some of the souvenirs sold in this Purrfect Cat cafe.

Very creative sticker board 
This Purrfect Cat Cafe is situated in Muntri Street, Georgetown, Penang.
Purrfect Cat Cafe
53, Jalan Muntri
George Town
10200 Penang

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