Island Attraction - Rangitoto Island @New Zealand

"To Devon Port then Rangitoto Island." My daughter said. "In this way, we can save time and kill two birds in a day". Hehe, good idea. So, I agreed and off we go in the morning of our first day in Auckland, New Zealand.

We walk towards the DownTown Ferry Terminal along Queen street. Auckland Ferry Building is erected by Auckland Harbour Board  in 1909-1912.It now houses cafes and restaurants.
The fare from Auckland to Devonport is NZ6.00 and the ferry is at an interval of every 15 mins or 30 mins depending on the time and weekday or public holidays. Please check the Devonport ferry services here. Travelling time in the ferry is about 18 mins. For Devonport to Rangitoto the fare is $30 return. You can go to Rangitoto island direct from Auckland by Fullers ferry (Auckland to Rangitoto) and the travelling time is approximately 30 minutes.
Rangitoto island is a volcanic island and the Maori name for Rangitoto means "bloody sky". This island is visible as a symmetrical volcanic cone from One Tree Hill on Auckland. I went to One Tree Hill but pity didn't snap a photo then.
The trekking path up the hill on this island is relatively easy. More sandy walk and with slight incline. Not with so much steps as in Wairere Falls. 
 Rangitoto Island is a young volcanic of island about 600 years old. A lot of volcanic rocks along the pathway making it a perfect spot for taking photos. It is a scenic island with ragged lava crops, lush native bushes and sandy coves.
To maintain the natural habitat and conservation of the environment of this island, we were told to clean our shoes before boarding the ferry and no food and drinks are sold on this island. Just remember to bring your own tumbler of water. There is is notice I saw at the ferry terminal "Please help to ensure the islands stay pest free. Check your bags and shoes for seeds, dirt, any insects or skinks, mice and rats before travelling to these islands"

There are a few interesting natural lava caves for exploration, with owls sitting above you.  I did not manage to take a photo as it had flown off. We went through one cave, I followed another family from Australia because there is only two of us, me and my daughter. They are very friendly family, and we use our handphone torchlight to help shine on certain dark and rugged paths inside. 
The lookout on the summit
 There are benches on the summit for taking a rest after the hour long hike.
 From the summit, it is spectacular, getting the panoramic view of fantastic coastline and stunning 360-degree views of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf.
The hike up is about 1 hour but for those not into hiking, there is the 4WD tram (pulled by a tractor) to take you up to the summit. This tour costs USD49.30 with a friendly guide at hand to provide commentary on the island's geology, plant life and human history.
Rangitoto Island is a not to be missed destination when you are holidaying in Auckland. It is a must for nature conservation lovers and photography geeks. 

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