Sreet Art @George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Penang Island, Malaysia, is famous for its heritage buildings, hawker food and beautiful beaches, but there is another growing new attraction now. Interactive Street Art!
This Street Art is interactive providing tourists a chance to do various poses and actions adding to the story of the picture. It is an interesting new venue for tourist young and old. The best part is, it is free. Most of it is found in the old part of Georgetown along Lebuh Armenian and its surroundings.

I went to Georgetown last fortnight ago and was very happy to be able to take snaps. The above are some of the murals painted by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic  under the "Mirrors George Town" project as part of the George Town Festival 2012. It is painted in 2012, therefore, as you can see some are fading away, such as this one "The little children on bicycle".
Most of the paintings are not given names by the artists. Mostly it is the locals who name it according to how they think appropriate. 
 There are now more new street arts by numerous other artist and tourists are able to locate it with the help of "George Town Walking Map" available in most hotels in Penang.

All the street arts are on walls of buildings, some of it very old. It maybe just next to the car park like this above and below.

Above tells the full story of the painting. The cat is waiting around the corner for the mouse. Below is shows the mouse thinking of whether to out around the corner or go back into the house through this red door.

This dragon mural below is painted on top of the corridor and continues to the top of this house's door and window.

This boy says "Kah Lu Kong Hokkien" meaning "Teach you speak Hokkien". Hokkien is the main dialect in Penang and spoken widely everywhere in Penang from hawkers to business men.

There are real objects placed under or next to the murals so that people can take part and create additional interactive original actions and poses to enhance the photographs they wish to take.

The above are some of the photos I manage to snap within my 2 hours walk around Goerge Town, Penang. There are others which I may have missed due to time constraint, and ... yeah, the hot weather!
Oh, how I love all this interactive street art. Next time when you are in Penang, do take some time to walk around discovering some of the interesting heritage buildings of  Penang including this interactive street art! Welcome to Penang!

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