Wow night at P1 Online Media Associates (OMA) nite

Packet One Networks (P1) is a  subsidiary of TM, a leading 4G telecommunicatons company offering 4G high speed broadband on the air irrespective of whether you are at home, in the office or on the go. Last Thursday night, P1 organised gathering of Online Media Associates (OMA-NITE) with the theme Chill, Huddle and Reconnect with P1.

There are 10 lucky prizes to be won and wow, look at the smiling happy faces of the winners. I like this photo and this reconnect is a successful one.

Isn't it more comfy to sit barefoot and huddle the cushions on the floor?

Wow, what a nice way to relax, just like home! 

Now, be serious, listen to Mr. Lai Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Packet One Networks (P1) giving his speech

Then we are divided into groups to discuss and share ideas for a win-win situation for P1 Online Media Associates, P1 programs and ultimately to reconnect with clients.

And... of course there must be food, as our stomach is one that is difficult to ignore. Otherwise, it will be just as stated in the saying  'A hungry man is an angry man". So chill, drinks and food is here.

There are lovely mini burgers and other small bites from My BurgerLab, Nitro coffee from Brewmen, sizzling soda from Tapping Tapir, Redbull drinks and cupcakes from Bitter/Sweet.

Enjoying the meal

The Tapping Tapir is a homegrown brand made from sparkling soda and natural juices, herbs and spices. They have unique local combinations such as guava & lemongrass, grapefruit & chamomile  and others.

Last Thursday is my 'one of those days'. Had a hectic day earlier going to two hospitals. At night upon reaching TheCo early, I went to the Ladies. Bang! Wow! I banged on my head at the entrance as I didn't notice the glass door. It was so clean, can be seen through so naturally thus appears as nothing in between. Then, another Wow! I lost my camera! Careless of me to put it in the goody bag. All purple door gift bags looks the same, so another blogger have mistakenly taken home. 

Anyway, finally "All's well ends well", I got back my camera and had a fantastic wow night to remember. Thank you P1 staff and all bloggers and friends for an enjoyable wow night, the P1 OMA-Nite. 

P1 OMA-NITE is on Thursday, 30 April 2015 at TheCo, Jalan Doraisamy, 59900. 

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  1. A good night to enjoy, right ms.cheah? Sorry about you have knocked down by the invisible door which I could not help myself laugh non stop. By the way, I'm glad u really enjoyed the night with your daughters there. It is really awesome! 😂😊

    1. Thank you, S Yin. Ya, agreed, awesome nite. Looking forward to see you at the next meet.

  2. Next time, mom must be calm down and check everything during the event ya! :D NEVER put your things in the gift bag ya! Many ppl sure want more goodies bags la.