Hai Yew Heng, famous Mui Choy Pau @Tanjung Sepat

"Going Tanjung Sepat? Buy me the famous Miu Choy Pau, ok?" my neighbour Ann told me when she heard that I will be gong to Tanjung Sepat. Tanjung Sepat is a fishing village in Selangor about 98 km from Kuala Lumpur or about one and a half hours drive by car. 

Most city folks from Kuala Lumpur go to Tanjung Sepat for food. One of the well known food where people would definitely want to try and buy back is this famous bun. Miu Choy Pau is a chinese steamed bun with the filling of preserved vegetable and minced meat. The taste is savoury, not like the normal sweet bun (pau) such as sweet red bean bun or pandan paste (kaya) bun. This type of Miu Choy pau is also not normally sold in restaurants in town.

This special famous Miu Choy pau is sold at Hai Yew Heng at Lorong Empat, in Tanjung Sepat. Heard that on certain weekends, customers are restricted to buy only two pau each at a time! (Stated by Gourmetsharing.com). It is so popular that bus loads of people crowded the shop and many have to walk away disappointed. 

Photo above shows this group of people walking away empty handed. The little girl in the center asking her mother, "why can't we get any Miu Choy Pau". The auntie in front was smiling and shaking her head in disbelief too. I went in after them and was told that it was sold out. "If you want, come tomorrow morning at 11am." That's it. 

The next morning, I made sure I went there at 11am sharp. To get there, turn in at Lorong Empat, where we can see this red sign board of a picture of Pau wearing a big chef hat. 

Where to park my car? This area has narrow lanes which makes car parking every difficult.  So, when you see this blue sign board, left into this food court area from Lorong Empat. There is an open air car park area and it is also just directly behind this Hai Yew Heng Pau shop. 

This lovely girl is obviously enjoying her job, making pau.

The man is handling four pau, at one shot, juggling them so professionally. 

Did I get my pau? No, I was told to wait. "Come at 1 pm". Another worker told me, "not ready yet". Oh, dear. So this Hai Yew Heng really lives up to its name. Check up the comments here.

So, I took a walk around the streets down and when I came back, the racks are almost empty except these few buns! "Consider yourself lucky", my friend said. So, quick, grab and go before all the pau disappears totally! Prices ranging around RM2 -
3 depending on the filling inside.  

Hai Yew Heng Bakery,
405, Jalan Pasar, 
42800,Tanjung Sepat,
Kuala Langgat, Selangor, 

Tel: +603-31974144
Operating hours:
Daily: 1 pm - 6 pm
Public Holidays: from 10 am.

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