Pelicana Chicken: The Best Korean Fried Chicken @ e-Curve, Mutiara Damansara

With the booming of overseas fast food franchise in Malaysia, Pelicana Chicken has become the newest fried chicken franchise onboard! Established in 1982, Pelicana Chicken is the longest standing and the largest stand alone Korean styled chicken franchise. With their brand new outlets in Klang Valley (e-Curve, Mutiara Damansara and Atria Shopping Gallery,Petaling Jaya), and Sibu, Sarawak, diners can now feast on the Korean famous fried chicken and its sumptuous sauces right in Malaysia!

Since now is the month of Ramadan, my sister and I was invited to join our fellow Muslim blogger friends for a Break Fast (Buka Puasa) food review at Pelicana Chicken at e-Curve, Mutiara Damansara. 

Pelicana Fried Chicken come in 5 different types of flavours namely Original Crunchy, Original Peli, Spring Onion Peli, Charcoal BBQ Peli, and Super Hot Spice Peli. All the flavours have their own distinctive tastes and these are not the taste that you can get from normal fried chicken shops!

Chicken Peli Crunchy Chicken has a really crunchy skin with a soft juicy meat inside! As you can see in the picture, all the sizes of the winglets and the drumsticks are similar too!  

Original Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken has a thick sweet and spicy sauces drenched over the winglets and sprinkled with some sesame seeds. The sauce are tasty and this will be excellent match with the Korean Fragrant Rice and their side dishes.

Spring Onion Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken is my favourite fried chicken among all! It is drizzled with a sweet soy-mustard sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I like the taste of the mustard as it leaves an after taste of wasabi feeling in your mouth after you had the chicken. This is the most appetizing chicken and I can feast on this spring onion fried chicken non-stop!

Charcoal Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken is the second hottest fried chicken in Pelicana Chicken. Personally I find that this chicken is really spicy as it leaves a hot and tingling after taste in my mouth after a minute of finishing the drummet. I had to drink a full cup of water just to cool down the spiciness in my mouth!

Super Hot Spicy Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken is the most spicy fried chicken in Pelicana Chicken menu! If you are a fan of hot and spicy food, you can try out this chicken. The spiciness is top notch and it will deliver the punch to not only your mouth but also your throat! I had a burning sensation along my throat when i had this chicken! In Korea, this is called "Bul Dak" (Fire Chicken) because the spiciness of this fried chicken will definitely induce tears in the diner's eyes and also leaves behind a burning sensation in the mouth. 

If you are a rice lover and you need to have a bowl of rice for your every meal, fret not, as Pelicana Chicken also serve Korean Fragrant Rice in their restaurant. The Korea Fragrant Rice is mixed with black sesame seeds and seaweeds. It taste really well with the chicken and the side dishes. 

Pelicana Chicken also have their own selection of side dishes that diners can order to feast with their delicious fried chicken. Musaengchae (seasoned radish) and Miyeok Muchim (seaweed salad) is the two side dishes that really goes well with the fried chicken. Both the sides dishes and the Korean Fragrance Rice really complement well with the fried chicken especially the Original Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken.

Don't forget to try out their Yellow Sauce which is their special house made sauce! Dip the Chicken Peli Crunchy Chicken in to this sauce and you are good to go! The Yellow Sauce has a mustard wasabi flavour and it is not too overpowering as you can still taste original flavour of the fried chicken! I love all the mustard taste fried chicken in Pelicana Chicken.

I had a great time at Pelicana Chicken with my sister and her blogger friends! As you can see on our table, there are a lots of fried chicken for us to feast on! The owner of Pelicana Chicken is very generous to treat us with all these delicious foods!

Besides their signature fried chicken, Pelicana Chicken also serves burgers for the burger lovers! Burger Peli Jumbo Fillet Burger are available in chicken or fish fillet and it is served with a big portion of fries too! The fillet is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Top with the yellow sauce and it gives a great taste to the burger!

We ended our food review with a dessert Affogato Solo. Affogato Solo is a coffee with vanilla ice cream. The texture is nice and it has a nice coffee fragrance when you eat it. The bitterness from the coffee complements well with the sweet vanilla ice cream. A great taste to end our food review session at Pelicana Chicken!

In conjunction with the month of Ramadan, Pelicana Chicken is having a Ramadan promotion where you can get save up to 33% off when you purchase the Ramadan Platter! This is a great deal for you to enjoy various flavours of Korean Fried Chicken when you come with your family members during this Ramadan month!

For more information, please visit Pelicana Chicken Malaysia facebook page at

e-Curve (Next to The Curve)
Level 1 Lot 1-43
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7732 0087

Blog update (September 2015): Pelicana Chicken opened another branch at Atria Shopping Gallery! It is located at T 23 A, Atria Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS22/23, Petaling Jaya, Damansara Jaya, 47400, Selangor

Facebook: Pelicana Chicken Malaysia
Instagram & Twitter: @pelicanamy
Hashtag: #pelicanamy

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