Kenny Rogers Roasters Promotions of Chicken Price Fall

 New Seri Lagenda Chicken Meals

Kenny Rogers, healthy roasted chicken! Yes! My family loves Kenny Rogers because we can see the oil dripping out from the chicken during the roasting. The roasting process are actually draining the oil out from the chicken to provide us a healthier meal. Now this whole chicken is going to cost only RM1.00 for the second chicken after you have purchased the first one at regular price. This is a take-away-only offer is not valid with any other promotions or discounts and is limited to the first 100 sets of two whole chickens each per day, per restaurant.

Welcoming the coming festive Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and respecting this holy Ramadhan month therefore, Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) are slashing prices of their delicious chicken meals and are introducing new menus to mark this occasion. These new menus, the Seri Lagenda Chicken meals will be available for a limited time only. 

There are four special new meals, all featuring the all-new Seri Lagenda Chicken. This Seri Lagenda Chicken is made up of roasted whole chicken leg marinated with local spices topped with mild spicy peanut sauce. It is then paired with Aromatic Tomato Rice, and a variety of side dishes as well as its signature Creamy Pandan Muffin. Available for a limited time only, guests can enjoy the four types that is the Seri Lagenda Chicken Meal, the Seri Lagenda Lite Meal, the Seri Lagenda Platter and Seri Lagenda Soup Meal.

A newly concocted refreshing cooling drink is also being introduced for this special season. The Lychee Splash. It has a sweet yet tangy taste as it is made up of kiwi, mango, lime and topped with mint leaves and 2 fruits of lychee.

 Definitely a wholesome drink for breaking fast or "buka puasa".
This Lychee Splash is also my favourite drink ^-^. 

Lychee Splash

Now, prices are being slashed up to until 40% as you can see, right? How? 

Yes, for the all new Seri Lagenda Chicken Meal, KRR Card members may enjoy up to 40% off when they dine-in and pay with their KRR cards. Card members who purchase two Seri Lagenda Chicken Meal will enjoy a 20% off and a 30% off for those who purchase three of the same meals. For any guest who purchase four  Seri Lagenda Chicken Meals and above, they will be entitled to a 40% off the items. 

How to get KRR Card?
Buy a preloaded KRR Card of RM20 at any KRR restaurants nationwide with RM20 only! With this card you can start to purchase food, beverages, merchandise and also enjoy members' promotions and privileges at all KRR restaurants in Malaysia

For those who wish to dine-in after a long day, the Roasters Ramadhan Reservation (PRR) is back, allowing guests to enjoy hassle free reservation for breaking fast. It is just 3 simple steps. First, walk-in or call to any KRR restaaurnt, give the dining time and order, pay the amount to get a pre-assigned table number. Lastly, be at the restaurant half-an hour before the requested time and indulge in the awaiting meal.

Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) also do catering services for a minimum of RM1,000.00. Check out this catering service here.

Kenny Rogers Roasters was originally set up by popular Country and Western Singer, Kenny Rogers and former Governor of the state of Kentucky, John Y Brown Jr. in 1991. KRR comes to Malaysia in 2008, and since then this mid-casual dining restaurant took off with many awards. Kenny's menu offers roast chicken with a variety of hot and cold side dishes. Oh yes, I shouldn't leave out Kenny's famous home-made muffins, another must have whenever I dine at Kennys

KRR restaurants are friendly, decorated with a class of its own, equipped with complimentary WI-FI and open 365 days a year.

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