Momento 7 @Bandar Puteri, Puchong Selangor

Can spare a moment? Let's go to Momento 7. A restaurant specialising in serving Japanese Katsu dishes and Bento sets. Why such a unique special memorial  name? Well, Mr. Dennis, the owner told me this name is for remembrance of his deceased father who had always wanted to open a restaurant. Number 7 is his late father's favourite number. Thus, Momento 7 is born from a filial son's tribute to his late father! Touching story, isn't it?

Katsu sets are very interesting as different restaurants serves differently. They usually come with side dishes. This Buta Shogayah Set consists of deep fried pork ginger on sizzling pan, white rice, miso soup and vegetables.

Buta Shogayah Set: RM26.50

Rosa Katsu Bento is a set of deep fried pork loin served with white rice, salad, pickles, miso soup and special sesame sauce.
Rosu Katsu Set - RM24.50 

Special sesame sauce...Hmm..... It is a sauce you can mix it yourself, or rather you grind the sesame seed yourself first. In this way the we do not only get a finely ground sesame which we do ourselves but also the aroma of the sesame. Then we can add it into the bowl of sauce as much as we want. In the picture below, Mr. Dennis shows us how it is done.

Fish Katsu Bento comes with marinated baby octopus, pickles, greens, homemade potato salad and white rice served in a bento box with miso soup at the side. The fish fillet was does not have fishy smell as quality and freshness is very important for Momento 7. 
Fish Katsu Bento - RM15.00

Mix Katsu Bento set has five types of katsu items, instead of only fish for those who likes varieties. The other side dishes are the same.
Mix Katsu Bento RM15.00

Hire & Ebi Katsu set is made of breaded pork fillet and breaded shrimp served with white rice, salad pickles, miso soup and special sesame sauce. The shrimp is fried to the correct softness, with the moisture still maintain inside, but the pork is suitable for those who love to chew meat. A set cost RM26.50.

Cheese Katsu  is breaded pork loin with cheese is RM16.50. I find this dish a bit more to the salty side maybe because of the generous amount of cheese inside. It would be yummy for cheese lovers.

Cheese Rolls is breaded pork roll with cheese, carrots and asparagus is also RM16.50

Cheese Roll

Katsu Don comes in a beautiful steamer set breaded pork served on top of rice, half cooked egg and miso soup. As in most Japanese rice set, eggs are the all time favourite. Here, I like the soft half cooked egg in this rice set.
Katsu Don RM15.50

Katsu Curry rice is breaded pork in curry gravy served with rice. This cost RM16.50
Katsu Curry Rice

Kamo Nanban Udon is smoked duck cooked in udon is RM13.00.

Kushi is crispy fried of various items which we can choose ourselves. This special fried using panko, a special Japanese form of breadcrumbs which can preserve the crispiness longer.
Kushi can be made up of many different types according to your choice such as eggplant, chilli, japanese sweet potatoes, pumpkins which cost RM1.50,  Salmon cost RM3.80, soft shell crab cost RM8.00 and many others.

Tastily decorated, with cooling green color, Momento 7 gives a nice cooling environment for family dining.
Oh yes, our story of Momento 7, Puchong has not ended yet. This restaurant has been in operation for about a year earlier serving pastas and western food. Striving to preserved his late father's dream, this young entrepreneur innovates. Teaming with a partner, with hardwork and perseverance, they switch to Japanese Katsu and Bento sets. Well, what better idea than serving steaming hot rice, crispy fried pork together with other toppings and soup as we are Asians and rice is still our all time favourite. Moreover, Japanese and Korean restaurants are the upward trend now. Way to go, Momento 7! 

Momento 7 
No 31, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100, Selangor

Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 11.00 am - 3.00pm, 5.30 - 10pm
Facebook: Momento 7

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