Midsummer Night Cafe @OUG, Kuala Lumpur

A cafe that opens only at night. Midsummer Night Cafe, an unassuming cafe, but unique in a its own way.  How? Guess what, You mix your own drinks!

First, it is the way the drinks and coffee are served. You are given ice cubes of coffee or in our case, chocolate as we order Sweet Dreams. This set came with choco iced cubes, milk, iced coffee and choco drink. 

Then we can choose to mix according to our own taste. Put in more milk if you want it milky, more coffee or choco drink if you want more of it. Pour it into the iced choco cubes. In this way the drinks will maintain its flavour better than just the normal plain ice cubes that will dilute the drink. Amazing, isn't it?

The idea of giving out free plain drinking water is catching up in most cafes now. Here the drinking cups were placed on old movie cards. Cool!

We were given a thorough explanation of the menu by one of the staff before ordering.

The Shishamo Egg Rice (RM10) is a very tasty dish with the fish BBQ nicely in correct amount of seasoning. It is served with the half cooked egg and rice. My daughter loved this dish the most.

Pineapple coffee, as the name suggest, I expected to see pieces of pineapple in the coffee.

What a surprise, the pieces floating in cup of coffee is not real pieces of pineapple.  It is frozen cubes of pineapple ice. Special, isn't it?

Dragonfruit Dessert, it is indeed yummy!

The walls are decorated with printed posters and comic books cover. Simple new interesting way of decor that does not need much overhead and renovation cost. Brilliant idea!

There are boxing gloves, cards, chalkboard and this Alphabet arranging set that gives customers something to have fun around.

Mr. Jon, the boss of this Midsummer Night cafe informs me that there are some magazines for us to read. Oh, good. I started searching for it but can't find any. Where is it? "It is under your chair" he said.

Ohhh.... there is a drawer under the chair. So, convenient and easy. It is also space saving!

Midsummer Night cafe is experiencing full house nowadays especially on weekends. A relaxing, hidden gem shining out slowly already. Hidden indeed, because there is no big, bright signage, and the road infront is dark at night. Therefore, a helpful and caring Mr. Jon took the trouble to accompany us downstairs until he sees us into our car. He explains its more for female customers' safety and prevent unforeseen happenings. 

Midsummer Night cafe is on the same row as Burger Lab OUG, but at the other end towards Shell petrol station.  Midsummer Night cafe is on the first floor, on the same block as Nissan Motor Showroom OUG. The sign board is placed at the doorway only at night or during opening hours. 

FYI: This is not a sponsored post.

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