Restaurant Ye Look @Sri Petaling

Pretty and Colorful dish, right?  Cool fresh juicy watermelon balls. Then there is this nicely crafted watermelon bowl which is filled with pork chops. The pork chops is fried in sweet sour sauce. 

Restaurant Ye Look is my favourite restaurant for dinner in Sri Petaling. This Watermelon Pork Chop dish is actually a seasonal dish. Just like crabs, crabs dishes are also seasonal in some restaurants.

Steam fish with sauce. I love the Steam Assam Fish here very much. Have been ordering it most times I am here. So, today, I order this dish for a change.

Fried Tau Hu with 'choy poh". Simple tauhu dish that is a bit sweet and salty. Another of my favourite dish. Cost RM8 only

For vegetables, I would normally order it just plain fry with garlic. I feel that it is healthier by not adding other ingredients such as "Fu Yee", fermented soyabean, chilli, salted eggs, seafood and others. This is fried chives, it tastes good.

Restaurant Ye Look is my regular restaurant in Sri Petaling because the prices are reasonably cheap compared to other restaurants, especially in areas such as Petaling Jaya and Puchong. In Restaurant Ye Look, food is now served quite fast and the staff are friendly.

What makes you keep going back to the same restaurant? I feel that there are three most important factors involved.

First taste, taste must be good. Most people open up restaurants because they feel that they can cook a delicious tasty dish. But the most important factor is what others think of your dish, not your own opinion. I have tried new restaurants that the taste is mediocre and not good. Later I found out that the restaurant did close down after within a year. Of course, all new restaurants will have lots of customers when they are newly open, as most people would go just go to try check it out. This is where they get false hopes. "See, I have so many customers, so I must be good"

Secondly, it is the pricing, especially for chinese restaurants. People like to compare and talk about it. So do the pricing, if it is too expensive people will just go once only, no more.

Thirdly, the cleanliness. Society now are more aware of health and cleanliness then last time.
Other factors are the speed of food served, and friendly staff. Location does not matter so much as I have friends who will drive in to some far end dark rural areas just for good food.

Restaurant Ye Look is at the corner facing The Store supermarket and the morning market.
No. 8, Jalan Radin Tengah, 
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000
Kuala Lumpur

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