Touring Gold Coast then to Brisbane by Train

It is fuss free and on low budget to move around on your own in Surfer's Paradise in Gold Coast. Travelling in Surfers Paradise is pretty easy as there are many buses, tram and train. Initially I thought I have to rent a car to move around in Gold Coast, Australia. But, no, there is no need at all.

There are a few different types of theme parks in Gold Coast. That is Sea World, Movie World, Wet & Wild Water World, Dreamworld, Magic Mountian and others. But I was surprised that I can easily reach these places by bus. It is very easy with some buses putting up the name of the theme park on the front and side. 

First, you have to prebook a hotel or an apartment in Surfers Paradise before you fly from your country. It is better to find one along the Tram route. Then, take the airport shuttle from Gold Coast airport to Surfers Paradise. It is $21 per way to Surfer's Paradise, the ticketing counter for this airport shuttle is on your left hand side as you walk out from the arrival gate. Just tell the bus driver which place you are staying. Most of them are very helpful and will stop and point the direction to your apartment for you.

Avoid long queues at entrances at theme parks by buying tickets in Cavill Avenue, the busy town center of Surfers Paradise. You can also get a better offer at discounted price if buy a combo set of 3 or 4 theme parks together. Do buy group tickets, as there are hardly an queue at the entrance for group ticket counter. The picture above is the exact scenario when I was at Sea World, and I am able to enter straight away at the group ticket entrance without any queuing at all.

When in Movie world, do go inside this  Hall of Justice. You are able to act like Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and other super heroes shooting enemy targets.

I enjoyed this free ride very much. We are seated in a moving car in a dark tunnel, and given a gun to fire laser shots at enemy targets or get fired at.

Movie World is highly recommended if your have children. This two boys are very happy acting like Batman in the bus on the way home. "Cool!" They said after I showed them this photo I have taken of them.

The Wet N Wild Water has many various activities. But I was unable to join in as I had sunburn on my face, neck and hands. Therefore, here I look odd all covered up among the swim suit clad ladies!

On the Beach Front along the Esplanade in Surfers Paradise, there are night markets on every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 

Life street shows in the middle of the road in Surfers Paradise attracted many tourists.

Got an extra day to spare? Go to another town in Australia, that is Brisbane. It is only $10.95 from Helensvale to Briabane CBD and takes only 1 hour and 10 mins.

First, buy a GoCard from any tram station or tourist center. This GoCard can be top up easily even in a bus. I use it to travel by train to Brisbane. This card is should be bought the minute you reach Surfers Paradise. Check the GoCard uses here.

We can go to Brisbane by taking a bus to Nerang Station or Helensvale station. Bus routes, bus numbers and the time of the buses can be checked on this sign board at every bus stop. Therefore, get a map and just check on the sign board, and go!

From the Brisbane CBD train station, we can just walk around in town. The main busy interesting street of Brisbane is this Queen Street Mall. 

There is also a free bus service loop around Brisbane town where you cqn hop on and off anywhere along the route.

Brisbane is a worth while town to visit as it is so near Surfers Paradise. The one hour plus train ride is very comfortable with air-con and comes with free WIFI.

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" - Henry Miller

Have an enjoyable trip!

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