Food in Port Dickson, Curry Chicken Bun @Restaurant Lucky King Bun

A soft and buttery bun, bigger than palm size and when cut open it's like a flower shape. Unique bun, that is this Lucky King Bun aka Biggest Curry Chicken bun in Malaysia.

With fresh homemade curry everyday, this is a gigantic bun that comes with nice thick gravy curry inside. It is curry chicken filled with potatoes, thick curry gravy, (which is not so hot) and wrapped around with baked bread on the outside.

Lucky King Bun Lukut Seafood restaurant is packed with people when I arrived there on Friday at 1 pm. Finding car parking space is also a problem. We have to drive our car behind the restaurant, go one round around the block. There maybe some parking space behind or further down at the other end of the road.

Lucky King Bun is packed with people crowding around looking for seats. Since this Lucky King Bun Seafood Restaurant was so full, so I decided to buy and take away. 

I ordered from this guy here. There are three types of buns sold. That is The Curry chicken Bun, the Curry Pork Ribs Bun and the "Yin Yong" Bun.  "Yin Yong" Bun consist of sumptuous harmony of half curry and half non curry, that is Curry Pork ribs and "Dong Po" pork.

I bought the Curry Chicken Bun and Curry Pork Ribs. Both are equally delicous, with the curry gravy just the correct thickness for bread to dip in. To eat, just cut the bread on the outside to open out as a flower petal.

Then you can see the aluminium foil wrapping. Tear away the aluminium foil, and we will see the curry chicken wrapped up into a compact bundle. 

Just untie the string, roll down the plastic and enjoy this Lucky King Bun by tearing the bread from the "Flower petals" and dip it into the centre curry. Enjoy.

Oh ya, my family enjoyed this bun at the seaside at Port Dickson Waterfront, near the Macdonald's. So, it became a picnic by the seaside with Lucky King Chicken Bun. It is really a big bun and was filling for 4-5 people eaten as lunch. 

"The Yin Yong Bun"

The cost of a Curry Chicken Bun is RM30, Pork Ribs Bun is RM36 and the "Yin Yong" is RM38.

I bought only two types of buns that is the Curry Chicken Bun and Curry Pork Ribs Bun. We were not able to finish the Curry Pork Ribs Bun, so I kept the curry pork refrigerated and eat it with rice for dinner the next day! But, I still feel I want to try the "Yin Yong" Bun the next time I go Port Dickson. This "Yin Yong Bun" maybe better because we can get two types of taste therefore, it is also better for children and older folks who don't like curry.

Restoran Lucky (P.D.) Seafood
4366, Taman Aman, Jalan Besar,
71010, Lukut, Port Dickson,
Negri Sembilan.
Tel: +606-6512392
Business hour: 11.30 am - 11.00 pm

Lucky Kings Bun
No. 34, Bandar Baru Lukut, 71010 Lukut,
Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan
Tel: +6012-6819393

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