P1 OMANITE Iftar 2015

A glorious night with good food and good cause!  P1 (Package One Networks) celebrated the month of Ramadhan with bloggers and children from orphanage home at Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel on 8 July 2015. P1 Omanite Iftar night is hosted by Atilia Haron

The Dischord Band gave a fantastic performance with their lively music.

Children from Pusat Jagaan Darul Sakinah enjoying the entertainment provided by Dischord Band

This event started with a free photo taking session from Fotobox. We enjoyed ourselves very much making cheeky faces and get our photo printed out immediately for us to take home. Lovely, thank you P1.

Two contest is held on this night for all bloggers, families, media and all present. It's fun and as usual, people like the excitement and win prizes, correct? First it is the Best dressed for Male and Female contest.

Second is the Instagram contest. We were told to take our best selfie or wefie photo. Suddenly, what a surprise, my name is called. I won the best selfie contest! Below is the selfie that I won.

 This sefie is with two other bloggers that is Rainfall and my daughter Selinawing. Both of them are deaf bloggers. We showed the sign language of P and 1 in the second half of the picture.

The food is good and we all enjoyed it very much. There are lots of variety of food such as grilled lamb, roti jala, apam balik, ayam percik and many other dishes.

The early bird door gift, two free tickets to GSC cinemas! This is a good move to encourage people to come early for events. Let's hope together we can eradicate this local habit of people always turning up late and making dinners start late.


The gift I won from The Best Selfie contest, a Neo X5 mini.

A big "Group Family" photo at the end of this buffet dinner, P1 OMANITE IFTAR night. 
Once again, on behalf of the children from the orphanage Pusat Jagaan Darul Sakinah , all media bloggers and from the bottom of my heart, Thank you, P1.

#P1omanite  #readytop1ay 

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