Kiwifruit- Green, Gold & Red, Which is sweetest?

Hairy on the outside, but beautiful pattern inside. Kiwifruit has a pretty pattern that makes it popular in cake decorations and others. The usual Kiwifruit is green in colour, but the other day I bought the red type. Ooh, it's taste was sweet, a cooling type of honey sweetness.

 I was not a fan of Kiwifruit earlier. But after tasting this red Kiwifruit, I just fall in love with it. Therefore, I am prompted to write on Kiwifruit. When we mention the name Kiwifruit, of course the first thing comes to mind is that  it's origin is from New Zealand, right? But no, it is called Chinese Gooseberry and originally from China. I was surprised when I read about it in Wikipedia as all along I thought it was from New Zealand! It was brought over from China to New Zealand by missionaries in the early 20th century.

There are many types of species of Kiwifruit, but normally we see green, yellow (gold) and red. 

Most of us are familiar with the green Kiwifruit. The skin outside is hairy. After cutting, we can see the pretty pattern of green lines and the seeds. This green Kiwifruit is the most commonly sold. It is also the cheapest among the others.

Most people eat kiwifruit by cutting it into half and then scoop up the flesh with a spoon.

The yellow Kiwifruit is also known as gold kiwifruit. It is sweeter than the green ones. But overall, for all fruits if it is ripe enough it is sweet. 

For me, the red Kiwifruits are the best as it is not only the sweetest, but also aromatic. The skin for red Kiwifruit is smooth and green in colour. Hmm... outside green, inside red, funny eh? 

Kiwifruits are packed with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and has phytonutrients that protect DNA.
Therefore, same as other fruits, Kiwifurit is beneficial to our health. 

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