How to make Yogurt? Try homemade Yogurt and serve it with your own creativity

Prices of groceries and food is shooting up. The same goes for eating out in restaurants and cafes. Why not try doing some home made recipes and tap into your own creativity on the decorations?

I used to buy yogurt from supermarkets for umpteen years. Yogurt is good for health as it contains probiotics (beneficial bacteria) that balance the microflora in your gut, which aids digestion, says Robin Plotkin, RD, a culinary and nutrition expert. According to, there 4 benefits of yogurt, whereas Fitness magazine gives 10 benefits of yogurt including giving you flat abs, contain high protein, prevent high blood pressure and so on. Personally, I find it cooling especially when I feel heaty with fever coming, and it helps to lessen flatulence in my stomach with its friendly bacteria.

First, we need to buy Natural Yoghurt, any brand of natural yogurt, to be use as a starter.
The other ingredients are: 
A: 0.5 L cold water, 0.7 L hot water, 0.28 kg milk powder.  

Any brand of milk powder will do, just measure 0.28 kg.

Start with boiling the water.

Add 0.5 L cold water.

Pour in the milk powder and mix well.

Sieve the mixture.

Add in the natural yogurt, I put in one and a half cup.

Stir in one direction for about 10 minutes or test by putting some mixture into your palm, if its warm, then its ok. Lastly, pour into desired container and store in a warm place for 8 hrs - 12 hours. 
Voila, it is ready to eat. Store in refrigerator and add fresh fruits and honey to eat as yogurt is basically sour. 

I decorate this with Manuka Honey, grapes and plum.

Another creation with Hami Melon, grapes and Manuka Honey

I would like to thank my friend Gary, for sharing this recipe with me. 
Hope you can enjoy making your own yogurt. Try decorating it with fruits, nuts, ice cream and  your own creative juices (ideas)!

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