Penang Road Famous Cendol, Teochew Cendol

Cendol! Do you love Cendol? It is just irresistible for me, the cool ice shavings, the fresh creamy coconut milk, Gula Melaka syrup (the sweet brown syrup from palm) and lastly the cendol (green soft worm like jelly ). Some stalls/restaurants put in additional ingredients such as red beans or steam white glutinous rice.
I fell in love with Penang Road Cendol the first time I ate it, about 4 decades ago. It was then a small stall along Penang Road, at the junction of Lebuh Keng Kwee. Back then you have to go to Penang Road to be able to eat cendol, standing by the roadside. The stall is always crowded, and we have to wait and then stand around the stall along Penang Road and Lebuh Keng Kwee to savour it.

Penang Road Cendol started in 1936 by Mr. Tan Teik Fuang, making a livelihood for his family with loving hands diligently preparing the Cendol passionately.

It has since then been franchised and people can now enjoy it all over Malaysia. Now people don't have to go to Penang Road for this Teochew Cendol. Many stalls have opened up in most shopping malls all over Malaysia.

I personally have eaten this Teochew Cendol in a number of shopping complexes in Klang Valley such as Paradigm Mall, The Main Place@USJ21, Sunway Piramid and others. 

The menu in Teochew Cendul Restaurant includes Penang Curry, Teochew Rojak, Teochew snacks and of course another famous Penang Assam Laksa.

Penang Assam Laksa

There are other restaurants serving delicious Penang Cendol, such as Heritage Village Nyonya Restaurant (King of Nasi Lemak) with its delicious durian cendol (my previous review of this restaurant here), or Restaurant Seratus Tahun, another restaurant with authentic Penang food.

Everyone has their own feelings of their own best Cendol stalls. My friend from Malacca is always swooning about how good and famous is her hometown Malacca Cendol. "It is filled with the aromatic fragance of Gula Melaka" chirped this Malaccan girl. Another friend from Klang would swear by the Cendol sold in Klang near the bus station with its thick fresh coconut milk. Of course, you would also feel that the Cendol sold in your hometown is most delicious Cendol sold and The Best. But, for me, whenever I have cravings for Cendol, I still opt for this Penang Road Teochew Cendol. I am very happy that I can satiated my cravings without going back to Penanag for it!

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