What is the worst thing that happened to you in cinema halls?

Shake, knock, shake! My seat is being knocked, kicked and shake from behind while I was watching a movie in a cinema. Have you experience this before? I had my back of my seat being constantly knocked at or kicked at by a small rascal behind me.

Irritating things that happened in cinema halls? What is the worst on that had happened to you?

Being an ardent movie buff, let me share a few incidents. Once, there is this story teller. If you are seated next to a story teller, the climax is all taken out from you. Automatically, you will know what is going to happen next, what scene is going to come. Some will even fill in the blanks and proudly say loudly that "Oh, this is the bad guy, and he will die after the accident, or he will change into a hero in the end".

Not irritating? How about those who laugh loudly or will give out hi and ahhs. Well, maybe it's not a nuisance since it shows they enjoyed the movie. Of course, they are entitled to have some exclamations and expressions. Oh yes, some one just clapped loudly last week when I was at the movies because finally the good guy wins!

Then the cry baby or even the jumping kid. The kid will just jump up and down holding onto the seat in front of him (that is yours). So you must be getting a good shaking massage from all the seat shaking from behind! Sometimes I wonder what are the guardians of these rascals doing? Are they aware of that their kids are causing others discomfort? Or, are they condoning it?

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Another worst things that can happen is losing things. How many of us has ever lost or dropped a hand phone in the cinema hall? A friend of mine, newly engaged, is playing with her new engagement ring while watching the movie. Twisting it around her fingers maybe because she is so happy to wear it until finally it dropped out of her finger. So imagine looking for your engagement ring in the dark cinema hall.

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Let's go for a movie! Yeah! I am sure most of us enjoy movies.
Comments and experiences of other movie goers are welcome to share.

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