Sangkaya Ice Cream at The Mines Shopping Complex

Coconut Ice Cream! Or rather ice cream made from coconuts served in a coconut shell. It's all in a nutshell, literally speaking! Creamy, fragrant ice cream, it's irresistible!

Sangkaya ice cream is a Malaysia founded creamy brand. It started off by selling in Pasar Malams with low overhead first. Now it is fast growing and opening stores all over Malaysia.


Coconut milk is used as the mother base for fresh dairy, cream and egg replacement. It can be enjoyed by health-conscious and vegans too.

For Sangkaya Signature, it is 4 scoops of ice cream of in halved coconut shell and together with fresh coconut flesh. The light brown colour scoop is Cha Yen, Thai milk tea infused into the ice cream. It tastes different from the original white coconut ice cream. Oh, I love to eat the soft coconut flesh after finishing the ice cream! And dig, dig, I manage to scoop more flesh from the shell. It's fun.

We can add the various other toppings of our choice from a selection on top of our ice cream. The selection includes corn niblets, red beans, toasted coconut strips or peanuts.

I was glad to be able to savour this new unique Sangkaya  ice cream at the Mines Shopping gallery, Seri Kembang last Saturday. Thanks to the Nick, the Manager for the invitation.

It was Sangkaya's official launch at the Mines. There is the offering of 50% off on that day. Therefore, there is a long queue all waiting the buy this Sangkaya ice cream.

This is the soft coconut flesh we get and eating it together with the ice cream is heaven for me. Sangkaya ice cream is a must try for all coconut lovers.

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