Coffee Me Darling @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

"Darling, where are we going for our coffee?" Answer: "Coffee Me Darling" "What? you ask me to make coffee for you? Don't you darling, darling me anymore".  Hmm, don't worry, at Coffee Me Darling, there will be no more headaches with your darling. Here, everyone is a darling and treated as a darling! So, darlings, darlings, darlings let's go to Coffee Me Darling!

Tengku Tan Benedict - RM15.90

 Although Coffee Me Darling has opened for just under a year, it is fast gaining popularity with its unique menu, long opening hours and a barista who was crowned champion at the recent latte art throw down tournament. Coffee Me Darling serves the early bird (early morning breakfast from 8am) to night owls (12 am for Tue - Thur and 1.00 am for Fri- Sun). 

Here, my best pick is Tengku Tan Benedict because it is very healthy. It contains lots vegetables with mushrooms and poached eggs. 

Smores Dip - RM15.90

Smores Dip is another must try. It is made up of roasted marshmallow floating on hot chocolate, and to be eaten with biscuit Marie and cream. Looks simple and doesn't sound good right? But let me tell you this is good, from a person who doesn't like marshmallow. The taste just blends in well with a little sourish flavour from the strawberry. How I wish there are more strawberries and fruit, as it would be even more perfect then.

Big Breakfast gives a choice of selection. First, select from either scrambled/poached/sunny side up second is the choice of meat either Vienna sausage/turkey ham/ beet bacon/ smoke salmon.

Big Breakfast - RM21.90

Egg in a basket - RM12.90

Streaky Bacon/Ham Carbonara - RM21.90

I love cheese, so this cheesy flavor carbonara with streaks of ham on top is good.

Minestrone Soup with Penne - RM12.90

Grilled Chicken with Oregano Mushroom sauce - RM21.90

Ikan Percik with Lemongrass Pilaf rice - RM22.90

Lotus Root Chips with Curry -  RM8.90

Cauliflower  Cheese soup - RM9.90

Wild Mushroom soup - RM9.90

If you ask me to choose, my preference will be on Mushroom soup because I do not like the vege smell in the cauliflower soup.

Strawberry Parfait

Wensberry Bliss

Kiwi Green Apple Slush

Coffee  - lovely Phoenix design

TauFu Fu Coffee - RM12.90

TauFu Fa Coffee is Coffee Me Darling Signature drink. Slowly drink the coffee and discover the gem inside. Or, you can just dig out the Tau fu Fa and eat it first, then enjoy your coffee with soya taste.

Doughnut Cappuccino - RM10.90

Live demo by Barista Ian Alonso on making of another signature coffee, the Doughnut Cappuccino. Very interesting, Suddenly I feel that I also want to be a barista! Very inspiring demo!

Coffee Me Darling is tastefully decorated with different type of  tables and chairs, as Alex (boss) is serious in making all his "darlings" comfortable while they enjoy their food and coffee in his cafe.

Nice comfortable cushions and chairs. This is comfy environment where "darlings" can lazy around until midnight as the opening hours are until 1 am for Friday to Sunday.

High chairs for the active young "darlings"

Walking into the cafe, a small aquarium at the corner greeted us. There is this cute jelly swimming inside which gives a calm and soothing effect. Just right to enjoy with an early morning cuppa coffee.

This settee greets you the moment you enter this cafe. It is suitable for the early morning "darlings", a nice sofa to slump into while waiting for your coffee to rejuvenate our sleepy self..

My best pick of the menu is the Smores Dip, Tengku Tan Benedict and the signature Taufu Fah Coffee. There are times that I do not know where to go for my coffee fix especially during odd hours. Now this is the cafe I can head to as it caters for the early risers at 8.00 am and also to those who wants to drag into the late night until 1 am.

Thanks to Foodink, we all can become Alex's darlings for the afternoon! Haha, a group photo where everyone is smiling happily.

Address:                      No. 153, Jalan SS2/24, Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor.
Business hours:           Tue - Thu : 8.00 am - 12.00 am, Fri - Sun: 8.00 am - 1.00 am.

For more details : Please check out Foodink : :

BLOG UPDATE on 17 October 2015
Received updates that Barista Ian Alfonso was no more attached to Coffee Me Darling. Please take note. Thank you. 

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