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Many of my health conscious friends are counting calories on the food they eat per day. How many calories do a person actually needs? According to Diet Doctor, it depends on your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which includes factors such as your age, height and weight. To make it simple, NHS uk says that on the average a man needs 2500 calories and a woman needs 2000 calories to maintain his weight. Ok, now how many cafes tell you how many calories are there in their food? Well, at IsMe Beauty & Cafe, all the food is under 400 calories! That's why it's called Beauty & Cafe, as it takes care of your beauty while you eat. 

IsMe Superfruits Croissants - RM23.90

"Under 400 calories? Nay, the food may not be nice then" I was thinking to myself. But, imagine my surprise when the food is served! Not only it is so beautifully presented but the taste is delicious. This IsMe Beauty & Cafe Superfruits Croissant is my top pick. A big croissant filled with nice fresh juicy strawberries, mango, avocado, lettuce, cream and mascarpone. The fruits and croissant combines well when eaten with the chocolate drizzled vanilla ice-cream. Who says we can't eat ice cream when we are on diet? This plate will definitely gives the happiness to dieters and there will not be any guilt feeling as it is under 400 calories!

German Chicken Thuringer Sausage - RM25.90

So, with just the croissant, it may not be filling for your man, right? Then don't worry, this German chicken Thuringer sausage will do the trick. This is the wholemeal loaf of about 8 inches long with low fat Thuringer sausage, mayo, German mustard, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, cucumber, gherkin and olives.

Cheesy Chicken - RM25.90

Classic chicken - RM25.90

From the Classic sandwich series, this Classic Chicken is for no frills sandwich lovers.

Lite n Crisp fish Burger - RM25.90

Bamboo Charcoal Bun series gives an interesting "black" bun burger with two different filling.

Chicken Lover Burger - RM25.90

Apart from sandwiches and burgers, the spaghetti series is tantalizing in taste and a beauty in presentation. From this series, I like best are Farmer's Alternative and Fisherman's Plate. Farmer's Alternative is flavorful with Australian imported cold cut lamb pieces and strips of yellow capsicum. For Fisherman's Alternative, I love the tint of sour taste of the mango which compliments well with the tuna. 

Farmer's Alternative - RM18.90 

Fisherman's Plate - RM18.90

Heart Booster - RM18.90

There various types of desserts, so let's "Be Happy and Think Happy" and enjoy dessert. The two best seller of IsMe Beauty & Cafe are Red Velvet Cake and Rose Lychee Crepe Mille

 Red Velvet Cake - RM13.90

Rose Lychee Crepe Miller - RM15.90.

This Rose Lychee Crepe Miller is my favourite! With just a bite, the aroma of rose from the this crepe fills my mouth. After that I can get the taste of lychee and wow, I didn't know this two scent compliments each other so well.

IsMe Signature Coffee - RM13 (hot) & RM14 (iced)

Isme Beauty & Cafe takes pride in it's signature coffee. It is medium roast, but the major contributing factor is the coffee beans are from four different countries, that is Brazil, Mexico, East Columbia and Sumatra! 

Caffe Latte and Caffe Mocha - RM13 (Hot) and RM14 (iced)

Walking pass this IsMe Beauty & Cafe in NU Sentral, I am sure most people would think it is just any beauty parlour. It is so big and lots of beauty products and also on display prominently.  

Ms. Tanky Chow, Manager of IsMe Beauty & Cafe said IsMe Beauty & Cafe is the first in Malaysia to use this concept of Beauty together with Cafe. This a popular concept overseas, for example in South Korea, there is Dior Beauty & Cafe in Seoul. 

Here in Nu Sentral, IsMe Beauty & Cafe is selling two different facial products. They are from US and Korea which are IsMe and Cusco.

Many products are on display with free testers. Beauty consultants are working in the cafe too. They will be available for detailed explanation of the products and whether it suits your skin.

 Everywhere it is brightly lit and the pastel colors of blue and green gives the cool calm atmosphere.

I like this cozy secluded corner the best! This big cushion chair accompanied by the soft pillows is suitable for private chit chat or for group discussions. I will definitely choose these seats the next time I dine here.

This cafe really gives the soothing ambience. I feel relax and happy here not as in some cafes where it is so crowded with table and chairs.

IsMe Beauty & Cafe is for everyone from women who loves beauty to health conscious man or couples watching their diet and looking for a nice place to dine in. Remember all food is 400 calories. To have some idea of how much is 400 calories, do you know that a plate of Char Koay Tiew is 743 calories, which is a third of our total intake of calories per day already!

IsMe Beauty & Cafe is also your friendly neighbourhood cafe, offering 40% off selected meals for neighbourhood staffs. 

Address : IsMe Beauty & Cafe
Level Concourse Unit No. 18 & 19
Nu Sentral
No. 201 Jalan Tun Sambanthan
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 - 2276 0008
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily
For more information please visit: 1. Facebook :
For more food pictures, please visit : OpenSnap

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  1. I think nutri turkey actually was cheesy chicken, and fisherman alternative was *the tradition* spaghetti....

    1. Thank you @Thea Ong, for reading my blog. It's great to have friends helping and reminding each other with constructive suggestions. I have edited the names. By the way, there was no *The Tradition Spaghetti* served to us that day.

  2. Hah, isn't? Because I saw other bloggers also named the spaghetti as the tradition. I guess I better delete the whole photo to avoid giving wrong info to reader, haha.

    1. Don't worry, it's an honest mistake. We were served so many dishes so much so we got confused with the names.