Maxim's Gelato @ Penang Road

What is the difference between ice cream and gelato? Which is better? I have seen shops with 'Italiano Gelato' and I thought they all sell ice cream. Last week, as we were walking along Penang Road Road, we pass this Maxim's Gelato shop and I suggested to stop for ice cream. "It's gelato, not ice cream" my girl said. According to an article in Huffington Post, it says that ice cream contains more fat than gelato, fluffier, needs lower temperature and can be stored longer. Hmm... no wonder most girls prefer gelato than ice cream. Anyway, Wikipedia says that Gelato is also Italian word for ice cream.

Maxim's Gelato sells daily fresh made gelato at its branch in Penang Road.

This shop is intricately decorated with many colorful toys and figurines.

At Maxim's, other than the normal flavours of Oreo, Kitkat, Mars, Caffe Espresso, French Vanilla, Biscotto, there are also Fior D Mirtillo, Let's Smurf, Te Verde, Arangia, Fior D Pesca, Lampone and even some are homegrown identity such as Curry flavour!

"So many flavours! Why sell so many flavours? How to decide?" quipped Mr. Momtaz. I met Mr. Momtaz, a friendly jovial fellow Malaysian at Maxim's. He finally decided on his favourite flavour and was enjoying eating ice cream. It's a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Momtaz!

Other than gelato or ice cream, Maxim Cake House & Bakery sell quality cakes, ice cream cakes and milk shakes.

I bought this is the double scoop which cost RM9.00. Single scoop for a cup cost RM6.30. Extras may cost a bit more.

Maxim's is an interesting gelato shop to stop by on a hot sunny day for tourist, while on the walk-about touring Geoge Town and all the famous street art murals!

This Maxim's Gelato is just a small branch in Jalan Penang, as there are other shops in Pulau Tikus and Paya Terubong in Penang Island.

Address: Maxim Cake House & Bakery
105 B Penang Road
10400 Penang

Tel: +6014- 755 5809

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