To Perm or Not to perm my hair?

It's a dilemma for ladies. Hair is her crowning glory for most ladies and a veryyy important one too. How do I want my hair to be? Straight or wavy? Wavy means going for a permanent wave or perm.

 My hair now, no waves. 
I have been musing lately whether I should get a perm. Why? Because during the last few perming sessions, I had mixed emotions. "Oh dear, there is so much chemicals pour on my head!" "My scalp is soaked with toxics?" Sad. sad. Seated in a perm parlour, I started to regret.

What is a perm? According to Wikipedia, perm is a common name for permanent wave, where chemicals are used to break and reform the bonds of hair and some of the cross links within and between the proteins chains of hair. The hair then swells, stretches and softens and molds around the shape of the perm rod to give waves.

Perming process. (Photo credits from

This perming hair is one thing some younger generation do not understand. A friend told me that her son just commented, "Why you older ladies like to perm curly hair? And also like to have short hair?" Yes, why?

Every morning, the first thing most people would do is to look at the mirror and combing hair is one of the common routine.  So, now every morning I look into the mirror and ask myself this question, "to perm or not to perm my hair?" It is straight now so maybe some waves may be good there, right? Oh no, I don't think I want to go through having chemicals pour on my scalp. Hmm.. Decisions, decisions! Do I need a perm?

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