Reminiscences of Yesteryears @ M-Boutique Hotel, Ipoh

"Where is the entrance?" my mother asked. For me, it is more of "Where is the check-in counter of this M Boutique Hotel?" We were met with white flowers, soothing lights, scented candles on display for sale and four big jars of "Hacks" sweets on the counter.

Luckily, I spied an Apple Laptop at the end of the rows of sweets. But then again, I wasn't too sure at first as there are many small drawers on the wall behind making it look like a Chinese medicine shop where they usually store different kinds of herbs.

I love this photo taken from outside at night.

This is M Boutique Hotel in Ipoh, our stopover for the night in Ipoh town. Urban vintage, Straits eclectic with a touch of the young and cheeky! Aptly described. M Boutique Hotel in Ipoh presents a unique hotel practically decorated from 'head to toe'. A hotel not only tries to replicate some of the atmosphere of Malaya's pre-war era, but have an added history of culture thrown in. No wonder I had my first shock when I walk into this M Boutique hotel as I couldn't find the check-in counter.

Worn out wooden walls and ancient suitcases which reminisces the yesteryears was stacked right up to the ceiling. That's what I call "head to toe"

The minute this quirky stacks of worn old suitcases caught my sister's attention, she exclaimed, "Quick, Take a photo for me here!" Your wish is my command, dear sis.

So many old gasoline tanks, looks like we are preparing for war? No, It's depicting Malaya's history. I am sure this would bring back lot's of memory for my late father if he sees it.

Seasoned huge suitcases among the modern sofa sets, the wicked twist of urban and colonial times.

Scented candles laid out beautifully for sale. A real boutique shop greeted you the minute you walk in at the right side of the entrance. So, is this a boutique shop or a boutique hotel? It is two in one alright. This is the very first boutique hotel with a boutique shop!

Oh, so she found her favourite spot. This pretty gal is happily posing for photographs in front of the appealing rows of scented candles and flowers...

Am I seeing the correct way? The words, oh my.

 Lucky there are a few people seated in the chairs to prove that my picture is in the correct orientation. This is the passage to the back of the hotel where the open car park is located. Great for M Boutique Hotel to provide a car park space for car owners but I think they may be happier if it is fenced and guarded.

Level 1 with the Adventure Safari Theme

I travel alot with my family locally. As with many other travellers, we usually scout around for some unique experiences and economical lodgings. Of late, my brother was telling me "Try a boutique hotel-lah. Get a different kind of experience and enjoy the decorations in the rooms". Searching through the internet, I was very much attracted to M Boutique Hotel Ipoh and its thematic floors. 


Which button to press? This is an elaborate piece of info at the lift. 

In M Boutique hotel, every floor has it's own unique theme. I am lucky to stay in third floor (the highest floor) with Excelsior theme.  

Corridors are cozy and homely with chairs and settes every where. 

I stayed at M Boutique Hotel during the super peak period with RM242 for a Superior room with breakfast. It should be less on off peak season. Room prices varies with the dates you are staying, so please check the rates at hotel website here

Superior room is 14 sq. m cozy, compact and tastefully decorated.

High bed for two with soft mattress.

I love this design of a small refrigerator place under the cupboard. Notice the refrigerator that looks like a metal aluminum box, which, initially made me wonder what is inside it.

A rocking horse standing on my dressing table.

I like this Suite room which is at 33 sq. m. I would like to thank Mr. Lloyd Gan, manager of M Boutique Hotel for giving us a free upgrade. It is a room with many discoveries and surprises which can't be described by words. 

I love this suite of Excelsior theme where there is a burst of bold colors against pastel background.

Snap, snap,snap. Oh, I can't stop taking photographs in this suite. 

"Seek and you shall find", I found some treasures. Wow, this two attractive artistically designed 'Do not disturb' and 'Make up room' signage really wow me over! Moreover, it is made of cloth, not the normal printed paper cardboard type.

The slippers, yes, they are of  5 stars standard! It is cotton and sewn not the usual disposal type.

At one corner on the floor, I spotted this shinning metal cylinder. What is it? Oh wow a Metal rubbish bin! When was this in use? So, they use metal rubbish bin in the yesteryears? Definitely it was not for sale now anymore. This is the first time I see such a rubbish bin! 

"Come as strangers and leave as friends". 

Snacks provided M Boutique show cases the cultural heritage of Malaysia! Instead of usual packets of peanuts, this is our very local "Kacang Putih" from Ipoh. It is first time I see such an honourable patriotic act from a hotel. There is even a write up of the origins of "Kacang Putih" on the packaging. Fantastic! I personally did not know that there is really a village in Malaysia called "Kampung Kacang Putih"!

I had my breakfast in the Old Town White Coffee Grand, the signature Old Town White Coffee chain, which is attached to M Boutique hotel.

This Old Town White Coffee Grand is classy with its very own chef.

Decors inside is grand, but, wait, I spotted this horse among the jars of coffee beans. How did the horse from my room ended up in this Old Town White Coffee Grand? must have galloped after me looking for an early morning coffee fix too. Hehe.

What amazes me most it the facilities in first floor. The Living room with parlour, lounge, computers, washing machines and gym. My first shout out is this 24 hour self service gym. It is well equipped with free weights, barbells, exercise machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical. A heaven for exercise addicts and fitness goons!

When travelling, we are usually burdened with dirty laundries. This M Boutique Hotel provides the free usage of its washing machine. It is a 24 hour self service laundry with free detergent and softener! So no more bringing a big bag of dirty smelly clothes home. It is suitable for foreign tourists or travellers who goes around the country for weeks or months. I remember the need of doing my own laundry when I was travelling in New Zealand for 3 weeks.

Grandma relaxing in the lounge in the Living room at first floor.

Washing hands in a sink? Well, experience this different type of sink and tap. My girl is having so much fun smiling and happily washing hands away. 

"Amazing chic vintage decor inside here," my cousin sister, a local Ipoh gal said when she came by our room, "But there's another one called M Boutique Station 18 with a very queasy funny building. You must go and have a look!" she told me with a funny face. Oh what a pity I miss it as time does not permit. Hmm.. I hope to be able to experience it next time and give an update of this sister hotel of M Boutique.

Blah, blah, blah, you know I can still go on and on. Thank you for keeping up with me. There is so much to write and photos to share. Suddenly, I thought of a few of my friends who I think should experience a stay M Boutique Hotel. This is truly a unique boutique hotel that brings back the reminiscences of yesteryears.

Thank you M Boutique Hotel for sponsoring a free room upgrade to a suite for one of my rooms.

Address:            M Boutique Hotel
                          2 Hala Datuk 5,
                          31650, Ipoh
Tel:                   +605-2555566
Fax:                   +605-2551777 


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  1. Don't even know Ipoh have such a nice hotel, thanks for sharing the info.... :)

    1. Ya, Thea, a lovely boutique hotel worth staying in. Quick, plan your trip, hehe.

  2. The decors in the hotel inspire an almost grungy kind of feel. The old suitcases and gas cans remind me of being lost in the jungle somewhere, or you’ve reached some pit stop on a safari. The animal motifs around the hotel plays into that theme as well. I’d have to check the hotel out myself sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

    Danielle Richardson @ The Hoste