IMiirage, dining in virtual space and aquarium @ Ipoh, Perak

Fishes swimming around you while you eat? We are eating and we can see the fishes moving around. Is it real? Is it an aquarium? Try IMiirage, Ipoh for this truly awesome thrilling experience.

When I heard about it and saw pictures of this special restaurant some time ago, I was intrigued. Wooh, I must go to try it. What is it anyway? Not knowing the actual name of this restaurant, I started to search the net. So, its called IMiirage, world's first ambience dining in Malaysia. It is the first virtual ambience dining I ever experienced.

The minute I stepped into the restaurant, I was surprised to see all the blue hues of lights and dark interior. Yes, the fishes are swimming around, but they not real fishes. They are high quality LED projections but it is still a wow experience! It is actually 270 degrees full HD LED panel walls portraying breathtaking views of both underwater and planets of in the sky.

Words and individual are not suffice for such wide angle view. Please check out my video of IMiirage below.

All round I can see people so excited, taking photographs. The fishes look real from a distance. It is not only suitable for a romantic dinner in the dark, but for family outing especially on special celebrations. IMiirage is also big enough for events and private parties. 

Every thirty minutes, the scene will change from the fishes in underwater to the planets in the sky. 
Amazing, suddenly, now I am dining in outer space!  

Looks like I am directly under the planet Saturn. It is fun, and a truly unique experience.  

Chef Peter Shek, is the captain of IMiirage, steering this unique ship with his own exquisite version of western cuisine. I pre order at IMiirage website by making reservations so that I will be entitled to a 25% discount off the listed price. Not only for the price discounts, but this will ensure the freshest ingredients as stated in IMiirage website. But to me, it is my preference because I do not like to wait too long food to be served. As the saying goes, 'A hungry man is an angry man", therefore neither do I want to be hungry and angry.

Pumpkin soup - RM11.25 ( discounted)

From the A la Carte Menu, we had pumpkin soup and French Baguette Garlic bread for starters. The soup is thick and creamy, taste is good but the serving is small. 

French Baguette Garlic Bread RM9.38 (discounted)

Grilled Chicken Diavola RM22.50 (discounted)

For Main, I ordered poultry that is chicken and duck. The chicken is grilled well and yet tender. 

Panfired Fillet of Duck - RM63.75 (discounted)

Yes, this is a must try dish. The fillet of duck breast is soft and not so oily. The sauce of honey & red wine is superb. I can taste the sweetness of the honey and combined with the red wine it tantalizes the my taste bud. Hmm.. highly recommended but price may be to the high side. Well, to me it is still be worth it when bundled together with this virtual dining ambience experience.  

Vanilla Pot Creme Brulee - RM13.13 (discounted)

It is Vanilla pot creme brulee for dessert. I have no complains on this dish as the sweetness level is just right, not too sweet. The sourness from the strawberry compliments well with it. 

I recommend making reservations first but then the setback is we have to make payment online the minute we order, which maybe a week or two earlier. I paid a total of RM127.20 a week ahead in order to get the 25% dicount. The prices stated above are all 25% discounted price.


BC Brew Coffee - RM12.00 (discount)

The good thing about reservations earlier is I can still enjoy the 25% discount even when I make additional orders at the restaurant that night. This is good news as it will encourage more people to make reservations earlier.

IMiirage is situated on the first floor. I am glad there is lift as my aged mother will encounter problem if she were to walk up the stairs.

IMiirage officially opens on 1 Jan 2015 and is going strong with this new virtual dining concept. It is considered expensive from Ipoh locals, as my cousin from Ipoh told me. But I am sure some Foodies (like me) are willing to pay for this amazing virtual ambience dining experience, which is also the first in Malaysia.

Address: IMiirage
               Blok B, 2-15: SOHO Ipoh
               Jalan Sultan Iskandar,
               30000, Ipoh, Perak
Telephone: +605 241 2361

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