Creative Display of Dried Preserved Fruits for Sale

How do we window dress our dried fruits for sale? I have seen creativity in the many window dressing of goods, especially apparels, accessories, and even shoes in shopping complexes. But how about preserved fruits? 

Image credited to Wikipedia

Normally dried preserved fruits are sold in many traditional local shops in the eastern countries. They are just laid out in big bags where customers can choose easily. There are many types of dried fruits sold such as prunes, cherries, figs, cranberries, lime, apricot, plums, grapes and others. Certain shops will just display it out in boxes or bowls.  

But I found this interesting display in a shop in Vietnam, and managed to snap a few photographs.

A frog sitting on top of the black plums!

Three Ants having a meeting? 

A lovely pair of ostrich? So romantic, with legs made of tooth picks. Aren't they creative? Wait! Do you see the baby elephant facing the other way in the back?


Hmm... Big tiger prawns! 
All this cute figurines are made from the various types dried fruits itself. 
Fantastic, isn't?

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