D'king Vegetarian Musang King Durian Snowskin Mooncake

Eighth lunar month of Chinese calendar is here! It is mid-autumn festival, a month of happy children carrying lanterns, an auspicious month for getting married and moon cakes! 

I love mooncakes! Every year, I will go around surveying and searching for new creative colorful mooncakes filled with different types of new innovative ingredients. But I do not actually fancy snowskin mooncakes because I have not actually found one that tastes good and with freshness. So, imagine my surprise when I take my first bite into this D'King Musang King durian snowskin mooncake. It is so full of flavour, creamy and I can actually taste the freshness of the durian! Delicious!

According to Mr. Simon Chin, the founder of D'King, actual durian flesh is used not as in other mooncakes where the fillings are processed with other ingredients. "Once the durians arrived, we peel them and remove the flesh immediately to prepare the mooncake filling. If we wait too long, the durians would break open on its own and the aroma and taste would be lost." Hmmm... no wonder I get the durian aroma practically burst out of the packet the minute I tear it open. Yummy.

D'King vegetarian musang king durian mooncake comes in polyfoam boxes with a small ice gel to maintain the temperature and freshness of up to 12 hours travelling time. 

Every mooncake (60g) each is individually packed.

The design of this plastic packet has a cut on both sides so that it is easily peeled open. This is a plus point for D'King mooncake is because for other brand moon cake's packet, I have to look for a scissor or a knife to open this plastic packet.

Ancient astrologers believe that the moon is the brightest and biggest on the 15 of this eighth lunar month. On this night, children will be playing with lanterns and adults will sit and enjoy eating mooncakes under the bright moonlight. So, it is a chinese tradition to present mooncakes to family, friends and business clients as a gesture to maintain good relationships. For my family, it is tradition for the son-in-law that must give mooncakes to parents of wife.

D'king moon cake had really taken off in China and Hong Kong, and it is a favoourite amongst celebrities here. During the official visit by President of China Xi Jinping to Putrajaya Residence in 2013, D'king was honoured to showcase products made from durian, the King of fruits. 

I was told by my friend last year that the Musang King durian cake was awesome. Now I know what he meant after having tasted this D'king Musang King Durian Snowskin Mooncake. I also made a comparison with the prices of other brands and found out this D'king Musang King Durian Snowskin Mooncake is reasonable priced. 

D'king Musang King Durian Snowskin Mooncake (a set of 8 x 60g mooncakes) sold at:
Retail price:    RM128 per set. 
Promo price:   RM98 per set (last order 25 September 2015)
Delivery is free if order is two or more sets purchased
To order: 
Whatsapp 012-6648797 with the following format <Name><Address><No of sets><Delivery Date> or
Order through Facebook here
For more info, please visit website: www.dking.com.my

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