Allambie Gums, a fantastic retreat @ Kangaroo Valley, Australia

Roses, white, yellow and red are blooming around the arch entrance greeted us at Allambie Gums. High gum trees in the big garden with kookaburra bird sitting on the branches and singing away. I was impressed! Yes, this is Allambie Gums, a beautifully landscaped cottage situated in Kangaroo Valley.

My family booked a beautiful cottage, Allambie Gums in Kangaroo Valley during the Australia Day holiday in January this year. We booked through Airbnb.

I remember singing Kookaburra song when I was a Girl Guide during my secondary school days. It was fun. But back then, I didn't know what type of bird this Kookaburra is and what a gum tree is. Hmm... so now I know... Kookaburra is a large Australian Kingfisher bird and a gum tree is another term for eucalyptus tree which is very common in Australia.

At another corner of the garden, there is a Moongate entrance to a small hut with a fireplace in the centre. "Wow, such a nice campfire place", my girl said. "No, it is even better for a wedding ceremony!", I answered. My imagination starts moving on with a series of scenes of how the bride and bridegroom would walk through this moongate hand in hand and ..... Oh, an inspiration to write a book starts to creep in!

I feel the tranquility of nature by just walking around the garden.

Then suddenly in the middle, I saw this nicely landscaped circular maze lawn.

Awesome. I manage to do Yoga on it the very next morning. How I wish my Yoga group friends and meditation friends are with me then. This is really a nice place to practice.

I scouted a pair of ducks enjoying around a the small pond at another corner in the garden.

So, we tried to join in the fun near the pond by having our breakfast there, in sync with nature.

The entrance to this cottage, with scrubs, flowers on both sides.

The back door opens to a small swimming pool.


Oh yes, we enjoyed swimming in this very private pool.

Kitchen area is well ventilated and our hostess Cheryl, was so kind as to supply as with a loaf bread and fresh milk. 

The pantry is well stocked with salt, pepper, coffee and tea. Thank yoou, We did some light cooking especially for breakfast.

Allambie gums has wood based theme. This corner is suitable for children, with marbles for them to play with.

Living hall

The bedroom, with soft white curtains. 

The bathroom with wall paintings

Allambie Gums gives lots of respect to the privacy of guests. Communication with hostess is not encouraged. Therefore we saw a long list of dos and don't on the table the minute we entered the house. Seems like too long, I would have forgotten what number 1 is about by the time I finished the last row.

Kangaroo Valley is a small town about less than two hours drive from Sydney or Canberra. 

Kangaroo Valley is tuck between rainforests, gently sloping hills. It is an idyllic escape from the bustle of city life. A friend said once she saw a kangaroo standing at her cottage door while holidaying in Kangaroo Valley.

Oh, I saw this free drinking water fountain in town. But, what is the small bowl doing on the floor beside it? "Oh, it's a drinking bowl for dogs, as many people here likes to walk dogs" my girl explained. So, this is the first time I see it, as we do not have this thing in Malaysia.

Allambie Gums is a lovely place to stay, with so much to offer, a very private pool, natural peaceful garden with gum trees including books and games for kids inside the house too. I would love to go back again for another holiday!

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