Koosh Koffeez, classy yet affordable @ Publika Shopping Gallery, KL

"No, no, this place looks too classy and luxurious, it must very expensive" this is what my mom will tell me whenever we walk around looking for a place to eat. Everyone wants value for money, whatever it is, from household products to food. So for restaurants/cafes, apart from good food (taste wise), decor and pricing is the major factor. Therefore, I am glad to have a chance to dine in this Koosh Koffeez where it has the balance of both, classy plush design and affordable coffee based food.   

Anyone walking around Publika Shopping Gallery will definitely not miss this huge imposing lovely purple chair in front of Koosh Koffeez. Purple, yes, purple incidentally is alos my favourite color! It is said purple symbolize magic, mystery and royalty. And if you surround yourself with purple, you will have peace of mind. 

Hmm...the inside decoration are so fantastic with huge chairs, comfy cushions that also makes you feel so comfortable. Dining here makes you feel like a royalty, surrounded by all the purple hues of pillows, cushions and sofas.

Koosh Koffeez offers a wide variety of western cuisine menu from their signature Baller Koffee from Arabica coffee beans, to pizzas, pastas, meat dishes to hand crafted coffee gourmet waffles. 

This Frapz Latte at Rm13, quenches my thirst in this hot hazy weather and was a good compliment with food.

Romeo, Koosh signature drink, use Arabica coffee beans from their main business, Arabica Estate. Rose petals and mocha served in such elegance the will melt your heart away. 

I love the creative hand crafted gourmet waffles. First, the James' Brownie, is a chocolate waffle with brownie pieces inside, topped with toasted marshmallows and almonds, chocolate covered strawberries, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Such a great combination that really tantalizes your taste buds and it costs only RM18.


Wonderberry, is a colorful dessert, with rose infused waffle torched with meringue, topped with strawberries & blueberries, toasted nuts, a love letter, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream, drizzled with a strawberry coulis. Phew, so lovely and beautiful to look at, yet costing only RM17.

Tyramisu, is another hand crafted waffle infused with espresso, topped with mascarpone, dark chocolate shavings, strawberries, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and espresso-dipped ladyfingers with a dusting of arabica powder. All this is at RM18, which I find it reasonable as waffles at so other cafes is above the RM20 range.

Koosh Koffeez has a number interesting starters in their menu. Bruschetta Trio consist of double trilogy of tomato & basil, foie gras terrine and smoked salmon & dill is at RM25

Pumpkin Soup Ravioli is made of roasted pumpkin flesh, blended with rich cream and vegetable stock, served with poached cheese ravioli, costing only RM13.

This unique dish is called Siren's salad, because it is made of squid ink pasta salad with blanched prawns and squid, tossed in shrimp roe Caesar dressing.

I love this Escargots a l'ail gratines the most in this starter section! It's naked escargots, oven-baked in white garlic confit and sharp parmesan sauce. This sauce is so tasty and its heavenly to be eaten with the fresh bread.

Mediterranean Meals of Koosh Koffeez consist of two special dishes. First it is the Lamb & Sun-dried Tomatoes costing RM21.

Second is the Grilled Chicken & Mushrooms which is under RM20, ie, RM19 only. Both dishes are served with Authentic Turkish pide bread, hummus, garlic aioli, sour cream and salsa.

Koosh Koffeez presents a different take on pastas. Have you ever seen a crab  sitting on a pasta? It's the first time for me! King Crab has a whole soft-shelled crab karaage atop a hill of roasted sesame spaghetti. This King Crab costs RM33.

Cinnamon Bolognese (RM23) is presented with such creativity. It is sensational bolognese of minced lamb, sun-dried tomatoes, with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Smoked Duck in Tomato-caper Cream (RM25) has thick slices of smoked duck breast swirled in a cream tomato-capers sauce.

My choice of top choice of pasta here is this Karbonara dish. At RM23, it has beef and duck bacon swirled in signature Kabonara cream enriched with sharp parmesan and topped with an onsen egg. Eaten with egg, the flavours are so well blended that it makes you asking for more.

Koosh Koffeez has a few types of pizzas, all prized at RM25. The pizza here is special because the crust is thin and crunchy made from tomato infused dough.

Tahiti is made up of grilled chicken, barbecue sauce, pineapple and onions.

Kasablanca is Moroccan favourite of cumin-fried minced lamb, with sour cream, capsicums onions and jalapenos on crispy tomato-infused dough.

From the Meats section, there are three different mouth watering special dishes. For chicken meat, Koosh Koffeez put forward a delectable Grilled Chicken & Capers (RM28). It is tender juicy chicken fillet lavished with a thyme and caper sauce, served on fries and buttered vegetables.

Peppercorn Steak is another fantastic creation of Koosh Koffeez. At RM38, it consist of 200 g of thick prime sirloin, grilled to perfection, with a rich peppercorn gravy, dripping juices on a  bed of fries and buttered vegetables.

Lamb Shank in Coffee Stew! Wow, who ever thought of cooking using coffee as a stew? Tender lamb shank with meat cooked just right, soft and dropping out from bone is basted in a stew of coffee, carrots, onions and then drizzled with special espresso glaze of chunky mashed potatoes. Mouth watering isn't it? This is a must try dish. This huge Lamb Shank in Coffee Stew is at RM45 and it can be shared because one cannot finish this whole lamb shank alone.

Leaving the best to the last, now I am going to introduce Baller Koffee, the signature of Koosh Koffeez (RM16 a set). Served with an ice ball (whiskeyball), it comes with a complete set of two shots of espresso and creamer. This divine creamer is placed in a special glass container with a hole on the outside so that ice cubes can be placed there to chill the creamer from outside without diluting it. Baller Koffee enables us to mix our own espresso according to our own preference of taste by pouring in the quantity ourself. Totally new and interesting! 

Koosh Koffeez is a brand new cafe, just opened four weeks ago. It is part of the Arabica Estate, where they offer courses in Barista and sell coffee machines. Hence, there are a wide display of coffee and espresso machines for sale ranging from the commercial enterprises to home users of coffee/espresso loving individuals. Therefore, for those coffee diehards and cafe hoppers, this is a cafe that needs to be explored.

 Koosh Koffeez @ Publika Shopping Gallery 
D5-G3-03, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480, Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 03-62111586
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kooshkoffeez

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