Matic Street Arts Festival is coming...

Glittering dancers from Istana Budaya gently swaying to the music. Streets Arts Festival of Malaysia 2015 is coming... Food truck, Caricature artists, street soccer, cartoonist, performers from all parts of Malaysia will converge to this festival which will be held on 7 - 8 November 2015 at Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC) Kuala Lumpur.

YB Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, the Deputy Minister of Tourism & Culture graced the opening ceremony of this press conference on the 22 Oktober in Malaysian Tourism Centre (Matic), Kuala Lumpur.

A colorful welcome! 

The ribbon cutting of the new 'Outsude Broadcasting Mobile' or therwise known as OB Mobile

OB Mobile is the result of close strategic collaboration with syarikat Senduk Group. This will be an extension of radio whichwas set up on 3 September 2015.

This press conference kick off with fantastic colorful professional performances by dancers from Istana Budaya. Check out the two videos below.

After performances, it was the handing out of certificate of appreciation to all the strategic parties involved in making this Street Arts Festival a success!

So, mark your calender! On 7 Nov - 8 Nov. 2015,  this MaTiC Street Arts Festival will be held with family fun concept and various other interesting activities such as concert, cartoon and comic (famous BoboiBoy and Megamind), performances from Buskers and Band Indie, Mural and Graffiti show, barber and clothing, bikers, street soccer, music workshop and food truck.  

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