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"Oops, my table is on fire! No, the dish is on fire and burning!" I was fascinated by this flaming dish when it was burning on the table. It was so interesting that all my friends give the 'oohs and aahs' when I showed them this video of flaming dish from BWB Flaming on Table restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas.

The video of flaming dish called "Wake up Sheepy"

Yes, it is one of a kind, but can this flaming dish be eaten after it is burnt? Will we be eating all the black burnt charcoal which is hazardous to health? Hmm.. questions pop up in my mind as I am such an inquisitive and curious person. Oh, please forgive me as I am also sometimes a pessimistic person. Anyway, don't worry and be rest assured as I have photos of the dishes to show from the beginning till the end of this burning dish so that you can judge for yourself.

Let me start off with this very special flaming dish.

Flaming Ocean Trout 

This is the dish when it first came out. Why is Ocean On Fire a special dish? We were told that there is this "white truffle" on it. Truffle is known as 'the diamond of the kitchen'. A truffle is the fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus. Wikipedia states that truffle is held in high esteem in French, Georgian, Greek, Italian, Middle Eastern and Spanish cooking, as well as in international haute cuisine. revealed that Macau casino mogul Stanley Ho bid $330,000 for a pair of white truffle, including one weighing about 2 pounds. Italy's prized white truffle is also called tartufo. So, truffle is basically a strong smelling underground fungus that resembles an irregular, rough-skinned potato. Hmm.. at least now I get to know this 'diamond of the kitchen', thank you boss for the explanation. 

Ocean On Fire was then lighted up. Beautiful blue flames can be seen sparkling away! Reminds me of the show Hunter Games: Catching fire, where the Chariots are on Fire, hehe. 

After the fire subsided, the ingredients was just slightly charred as shown above.

Flaming Drum Stick 

A chicken drumstick majestically surrounded by colorful vegetable garden of asparagus, cucumber, radish, cherry tomatoes, coleslaw, celery and even a real yellow flower (which of course is for decorative purposes)

Our chicken is then lighted up! 

Boom! Now it has turned into Angry Bird! Be it Angry Bird or Chicken drumstick, the meat is fantastically soft and still retain it's moisture even after the burning. This burning actually enhances the chicken meat better with a smoky flavour. I would give full marks here in terms of decoration and taste.


Flaming Pork Rib or it can also be called Oink-oink on burning. It is Sakura Pork rib which is a class of its own from Sakura Farms, the healthy and delicious with uncompromised quality food farm. The above picture shows the rib burning and see how picturesque it is with the flame standing up as if it is also trying to make the oink sound! 

The food still remains intact with just tiny bits of residual burning. Actually for this dish, the ribs are awesome and I did not taste any extra smoky flavor.

 Flaming Wagyu M5 "Crazy Cow" - RM48

Ready, get set.... go! Paparazzi at work!

Flaming grain N.Z. fed lamb belly

Another wow dish! Be careful the sheep is awoken, bleep, bleep. Flaming dish has portions that is big enough to be enjoyed by two pax. Did I mention the eggs? The cute white oblong shape on every flaming plate is actually bacon wrapped hard boiled eggs. Another delectable item for egg lovers such as me. Biting into the hardboiled eggs accompanied by the grilled meat is such a gastronomical delight to me.


Start your appetizer with this Tri Specie and it will not only tantalize your taste bud but also set it in the right direction. This trio is made up of turbo shell, octopus marinated with wasabi and jelly fish. Light, soft seafood giving the combination of flavours for the beginning of an enchanted evening (especially if you bring your girlfriend) and in preparation for the final climax of the flaming dish.


Fried salted shrimp will disappear fast from the plate as it is such an easy appetizer that anyone can just munch away non stop.

Grilled Marinated Squid Puller

This plate of Grilled Marinated Squid Puller will take a longer time if it wants to do a disappearing act as the salted shrimp dish. All squids are delicious and fragrant by itself. So, taste wise, this Secco Seppia is good but I need to chew and chew and chew on the pulled squid for a long time. It is suitable for people who enjoys the slow chewing to executed the flavour.


A mixture of  sweet potatoes, onions, carrots and shredded yam that has been coated with the right batter then deep fried to perfection. Crispy, crunchy and with a tinge of sweetness from the combination of flavours from all the vegetables, this is a sinful calorie buster but yet so irresistible!  

Bacon mushroom soup

Now how about soup balance up our palate? Mushroom soup with bacon is an interesting delicious soup which tastes so much better than other normal plain mushroom soup. 


This deep fried tofu with oyster looks nice sitting in a box (spoon). The oyster is like doing a disappearing act inside the tofu which is soft but seems to lack flavor. 


Pizza lovers! This is a must try dish! This mini mushroom pizza has the right combination of flavours from the various types of mushrooms and a beauty by itself. I am also fascinated by this mini white round pizza base which is their house secret recipe. 

Spicy Mussel

Wagyu beef slice wrap with golden mushroom and wasabi sauce


A different take on burger, this mini bun is fried mantou with knuckle slice inside. Ya, just the right bite size for people who likes variety like me so that I get to savour other dishes as well without getting full so fast.

Fried chicken top with cheese where I can get more saltiness and creamy cheesy texture. Ok, as it is a step above the normal plain fried chicken


BWB Flaming on Table serves a wide range of skewered varieties that can be eaten on its own or goes well with beer. Shishamo (pregnant fish) - RM4.00, oyster aglio (grilled oyster with creamy aglio & bacon flake topping) - RM15, shishamo- RM4, Ebi Niniku - RM10.

Wagyu -  RM16 & Yakitori - RM5 Skewer

Tebasaki - RM8 (chicken wings), Tsukune - RM10 (Meatballs), Sunagimo - RM4 (gizzard)


An assortment of vegetables of your choice grilled to the precise stage so that the freshness and juice is intact. A health freak like me would go for the garlic, but personally I would be hindered as the price tag is above my budget.

We have fiery flaming meat dishes, let's complete it with a flaming beverage ^-^ . Ohh... so this is how it is done, a life demo, of Flaming Irish coffee, bravo!



BWB Flaming on Table in Sri Hartamas was decorated with green balloons giving a nice soothing ambience. There are high chairs as well for the young and trendy.

Hmm.... a cosy corner for private group functions or romantic celebration to enjoy the flaming dish!

Formerly known as BWB Yakitori Bar, BWB has has since been revamped with a new name BWB Flaming on Table Food & Restaurant. Flaming dishes are the star of the restaurant and highly recommended for foodies looking for fun. This flaming dish not only a delectable dish but also a beautifully assembled piece of art work for you to feast your eyes. My personal choice of dish would be Flaming Pork ribs, Angry Bird and Piccolo Pizza. Enjoy!

BWB Flaming on Table Food & Restaurant
No. 8, Jalan 27/70A, 
Desa Sri Hartamas 50480
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-62063800


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