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By Lifesecretspice: Travel and Food - November 03, 2015

Going to a laboratory is fun filled with so many apparatus. Fun, meh? Well, the owner of this restaurant said it was the opposite, sitting and watching teacher infront handling funny shaped glasses when she was in school. The worst scenario is unable to even touch it. Thus this Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro is born, giving everyone an unforgettable experience!

There are test tubes, beakers, burets, erlenmeyer flask, measuring cylinder and many others at display in Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro. With this new concept, and going by its name, yes, everything is being tested out, be it the food or the drinks.


The drinks are all served in all these brand new genuine specially imported science chemistry laboratory apparatus. Interesting, isn't it? Now you can hold, touch and  drink from this apparatus to your heart's content.

This new concept of using chemistry laboratory as cafe is catching up. I explored one by the name of Chemistry Lab cafe in Shah Alam. I did a blog post of it in June. (check out the Bahasa Malaysia blogpost here)

Science report notes? No, no, here it there's no need for you to write, you just read and order. See it is so simple now, no more writing tough science reports just like when you are in school. So just come and enjoy the food and drinks here which are full of surprises and as you are the tester. 


The drinks all come in the actual specially imported science apparatus, but they are not actual glass, but a special material that is light and durable. 


I love the milk shake drinks here because it is so thick and full of flavours.
This milkshake chocolate comes in a beaker. It is filled up rounded to the top like a mountain packed with chocolate and ice cream inside!

Even after being drank half way, I can see the thick creamy chocolate at the base on the saucer. This means there is no stinge on the usage of ingredients especially the chocolate!

YAM - RM14.00

The color of this Yam Milkshake is so pleasing... the light purple. I was told the taste was also very goood.


WOW! It is a wow milkshake drink which is a must try! The different type of berries all mixed up together very well to produce such a colorful, creamy and tasty drink. Ms Jun, boss of Tester Laboratory later explained that 2 scoops of ice cream was mixed in. No wonder there is this burst of chunks of berries blended with the creamy ice cream. A totally irresistible drink to me which I would order again the next time I am here!


If the creamy milkshakes are 'not your cup of tea', then there is healthy version of Juices. The juices are all pure and fresh. This Green Apple is a nice soothing with a thinge of mint. So refreshing.



Another lovely burst of color for this cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow and the drizzle of chocolate on top. 

PEACH TEA - RM 13.00

Not game for sweet drinks? Ok, Let's go for the Flower Tea. There are 3 types of flower tea, Peach Tea, Apple Tea and Lemon Grass Tea. These has health benefits which has been aclaimed by our ancestors since time immemorial.  


Fragrant and full of soothing lemon grass smell, this is a healthy drink which reminded me of my confinement days. It is a drink that is widely known to have benefits such as calm nerves, aids digestion, anti-oxidant and anti-mircobial activity ( www.livestrong.com/article.). No wonder my mother prepared it for me during my confinement. Anyway, now everyone can have this healthy beneficial tea by just popping into Tester Laboratory in Bandar Menjalara.

A teacher showing a science experiment demonstration in the Laboratory?

Who would have thought this is a set of Bloody Mary drink? The only give away sign is the straw and the slice of calamansi.




The chicken was cooked to perfection, the meat is tender and the sauce is fantastic as it is their secret recipe special Tester sauce.


Fried Pork Ribs! Normally for pork ribs, we have BBQ, Grilled or Stewed. Well, it is being fried here! Ok, a Tester dish testing out the different approach in cooking. My verdict, it got a pass in the test. The meat in the ribs still retains the moisture and softness although it is deep fried.


Hmm.... the cheese is oozing out from the middle of this rolled pork chop. The meat is minced and seasoned then filled with two different types of cheese to give the effect of moist stringy elastic effect just like when you pulled out a slice of pizza. Another perfect dish as the minced pork meat blends well with the cheese inside.


A pretty piece of lamb shank with the meat dropping from the bones. Taste wise, another tester pass. I was told it takes a few steps to cook it from the proper washing, boiling, hitting, stewing and seasoning. No wonder the meat does not retain the meaty odour of lamb, which is good. I would a one hundred marks to this dish if the meat is cooked to just a wee bit more tender. Anyway, this lamb shank is still my most favourite dish of the night.


Spaghetti Carbonara comes with delicious flavourful creamy sauce. But the same can't be said of the spaghetti noodles which my fussy palate does not register. 


Although selling mainly western cuisine, Tester Laboratory did have a few local popular local food. Nasi Lemak is our all time Malaysian dish which can be eaten be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. The fried chicken comes with crispy skin outside. It was not oily nor soggy. The chicken meat was fried just nice with the right temperature as the meat was not all dried out as I have tasted in some other places.

Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro in Bandar Menjalara has a spacious interior with the all-white walls and customized cement tables. It is also a pet friendly cafe where pets are allowed to dine together with owners because this cafe's boss, Ms Jun discloses that she herself is a pet lover. So, pet lovers, you do not have to leave your pet home alone when you go out to eat. Just bring it along to Tester Laboratory!

Cute enticing decorations on the counter. What caught my attention is the two jars of 'orange roses'. Was it roses? What is it?

Ms Evonne explained to me that it is orange peel! Wow, so creative! It really looks like roses at first glance. I am glad I learnt this creative way of using the discarded orange peel as a decoration. 

Tester Laboratory Cafe is constantly testing and upgrading its menu. How about dropping in to be the Tester?

Opening hours are from 11.30 am - 11.30 pm as stated on the board on display in front of the cafe.

Address: Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro
No. 48, Jalan 8/62A, Bandar Manjalara
Kepong, 55200
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 014-6030638

FOOD INK: https://www.foodink.com.my/listing/tester-laboratory-cafe-bistro-kepong/

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