Deaf Operated Cafe, Coffee Sprex @ Petaling Jaya

Let's help our fellow friends. We are all born different and no one is born perfect but everyone has to work for a living. So does Kent Cheong, the hardworking Deaf from Ipoh, who is one of the deaf co-owners of Coffee Sprex. Coffee Sprex is a cafe situated in Kelana Jaya, facing main road Jalan SS25/23, opposite St. Ignatius Church, Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya.

Big Breakfast - RM9.50

This Big Breakfast is really big. It consists of Chicken Bratwurst, two sunny side up eggs, crispy ham, soft round tasty ham and four slices of bread. This is not all, there is cereal of the day, milk and unlimited house pouring coffee! It can be changed to tea. Breakfast is served from8 am to 12 noon, so why not take your breakfast here at Coffee Sprex? This big breakfast is definitely good for two pax, so it is a super saver!

Dumplings - RM6.00

Dumpings! My highly recommended dish. It is actually traditional chinese dumpling with turnip fillings inside. But this is a wow dish! The skin is thin and soft not like some others tough, dry and thick. It is my favourite savoury dish and I am sure you will like it after the first try. Oh yes, the price is also very attractive of only RM6.00 for five big pieces!

Blueberry Cheese Pie - RM8 per slice

This is Blueberry cheese pie is Coffee Sprex's speciality. It is made by Kent and can be ordered for birthdays or festivals or functions. The whole cake is RM60 which can be cut into 10 slices. I tasted it and it was not only good but heavenly filled with cheese and lots of blueberries on top until it is like falling off. As a dessert lover, I take my hats off to Kent for such a delectable dish. Take this dessert to finish off your meal for a happy day ahead.

Carbonara Xtra - RM7.50

Coffee Sprex serves different types of pasta be it macaroni or spaghetti. The normal Carbonara, Bolognese and Spicy Joe is tasty and cost RM5.00 only. But if you prefer some extra toppings, there are the Carbonara Xtra, Bolognese Xtra and Spicy Xtra which cost RM7.50. The sauce is just right with the correct degree of creaminess. My daughter likes this Carbonara Xtra which is yummy and she is also die-hard luncheon meat fan.

Latte Hazelnut - RM6.50

Exotic Brewed Tea- Lemongrass Tea - RM4.00 per pax

Coffee Sprex sells premium coffees, espresso coffees, black teas and also their special house brewed coffee and tea. To me, this Lemongrass Exotic Brewed tea is very good with the correct sweetness (just a light thinge of sweetness only). Lemongrass drink that is widely known to have benefits such as calm nerves, aids digestion, anti-oxidant and anti-mircobial activity ( So, quick get to Coffee Sprex to have a cup of this healthy home brewed exotic drink. 

Not just the food and drinks that is different, but you also get to learn some sign language. Since this cafe is operated solely by Deaf, why not pick up a new language and have fun 'talking' to the Deaf.

Being a small startup enterprise, Coffee Sprex occupies half shop with a narrow interior. It is good as the Deaf can cope with the serving and customer needs by just glance around. 

Johna and Sam working in Coffee Sprex 

Opened in 8/8/2013, Coffee Sprex has since help and trained a number of Deaf in cafe operations. Deaf are fast with the eyes and they are willing to learn new skills. Coffee Sprex is any example of how Deaf can be their own bosses. A few Deafs have acquired cafe running and cooking skills at Coffee Sprex. Johna is a Deaf from Philippines and she has now moved on to work in hotel industry assisting a chef.

Coffee Sprex  in its own way, has helped to train and provide entrepreneurship skills to Deaf. Deaf irrespective of where you are from (overseas also can) are welcome to apply to work in Coffee Sprex. It is a  cafe that runs on a joint partnership of Deaf (running of the cafe) and Hearing (investors). Coffee Sprex's co-owner Bridget says that "There are Deaf who have skills and are willing to open up more cafes but they are in need of investors or co-owners"  This is a small start-up business but it means a lot to a special community to be able to stand on their own feet and be financially independent and be your own boss. Interested parties are welcome to Coffee Sprex for an exploratory visit. For further details, please contact Ms. Bridget, hp no: +6017-793 2788

Address: Coffee Sprex
No. 9, Jalan SS25/23, Taman Mayang, 47301
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Hours: 8.00 AM - 7.00 PM (Daily)

Tel: +6017-793 2788


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