Toridoki, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Love eating Japanese food? Yeah, but if you look around, there are so many Japanese restaurants in Klang Valley. Which one to go? Is chicken meat ok with you? If so, let's look at this new Japanese restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas. It is called Toridoki. 'Tori' of Japanese origin means bird. (as explained in here.) Therefore, Toridoki Bar & Grill is a Japanese restaurant that specialises in chicken dishes and yakitori from Tokyo. This Toridoki Bar & Grill already has 2 branches in Tokyo, and this Desa Sri Hartamas it's the first branch in Malaysia.

Wanna know more about the Japanese names for chicken parts? The full list is printed in Toridoki's menu. This is what I like about blogging on food. Everyday is a learning experience for me and a new milestone. Today, I get to learn more about chicken and it's name in Japanese. Neck is 'Seseri', skin is 'Kawa', breast is 'Mune', thigh is 'Momo', fillet is 'Sasami' and so on. Please refer to the photo above.

Potato Salad - on the house

Good news for all Toridoki diners! Everyone will be given a special free complimentary salad of the day if you dine in. I was lucky to get Potato Salad. Name wise it is simple and it also looks like the normal mash potato from fast food restaurants. But.. taste wise it is so much better! The potato is not mushy and it is also so colorful with the the bits of pickled vegetable on top! A good dish to open our palate.   

Nagaimo Garlic Butter - RM12.00

This is the special Japanese mountain yam which is white in color. It is seasoned and then fried with garlic and butter. Texture is firm yet tasty, it is just the right appetizer, but nothing much to shout about as it is oily as most deep fries are. 

Konsai Salad - RM18.00

Konsai Salad consist of mostly mix root vegetables which comes initially drizzled with rows of mayonnaise. Then the parmesan cheese was grated onto the vegetables right in front of you. Hmmm... freshly grated cheese which not only smells nice but enhances the overall taste so much. Yes, it is a must try dish for cheese lovers. I can just finish it off in a minute if I can have it all by myself.

Teba Age - RM10.00

Teba Age is Deep Fried Chicken wings. The wings are fried to perfection with the flesh peeling off easily. It is good for a light snack. Although it looks like any other fried chicken wing, but here the difference is, I taste a wee bit of sweetness on the on the skin of the wings. It would be suitable for some sweet tooth diners.  

Sunagimo Ahijyo - RM18.00

This plate consists of chicken gizzard and 8 kinds of vegetables served in hot plate with French loaf. As a person who do not like chicken gizzard, I took very little of it. I suppose it goes well with beer or sake drinkers, that is it would be my late father's favourite. Pity he is not around anymore otherwise I would definitely bring him here.

Tori Maruyaki - RM45

This grilled whole chicken comes with three types of sauces for dipping. This is so special that it is limited edition only. It's the main speciality and star of Toridoki, I was told the chicken was specially prepared and was roasted in a specially imported grill, (not the ones we see at Kenny Rogers) for one hour.

The chicken was then cut in front of you. The meat is tender but the main feature is the thin crispy skin. This is the to-die-for part of this special Maruyaki of Toridoki. I enjoy this crispy skin very much as it reminds me of crispy skin duck I had a Red Garden Restaurant, Penang. Highly recommended.

Toridoki - RM8.00

There are three types of  Yakitori here which we sampled. First it is the Toridoki, thigh and breast meat wrapped with skin. It is a big piece, thick luscious meat and surprisingly soft and tender. A very filling and worthwhile money for value skewer.


Ah, this one has vegetable in between. Japanese Leek is placed between the chicken thigh. A good combination.

Tsukune - RM11.00

I love this yakitori the best. The minced meat is so tasty and grilled to perfection that it has this golden red color. One bite into it I can feel the awesome delectable combination of ingredients. Later, I was told that Japanese vegetables leaves has been added into the minced meat. No wonder! 

Cheese Yaki Onigiri - RM12.00

This rice ball is stuffed with Camembert cheese and then grilled. The rice is grilled such that there is a little crispy crust, but it is loosen up easily when cut. The saver here is the cheese which is not too salty. To me, this palm size onigiri costing RM12 is definitely Sri Hartamas standard, the up coming food heaven area where lots of restaurants are jostling for a place here now.

Houjicha Pudding - RM10.00

This is a must try and not to be missed pudding. It is one of its kind! The pudding has just the right consistency of texture and taste. It has to be savored slowly as to enjoy a slight mixture of sweet and bitterness. At first it is sweet, then as you slowly spoon until the bottom, aha, I saw the tiny residual bits of Japanese tea. So it's the tea that gives out the bitterness. Another reason for this slow motion eating is because the height of the pudding is about 3 cm from the base. I consider the cost of this pudding is high but well, I would have to pay higher if I were to travel to Tokyo to eat.

Cute plates

Traditional wooden cake mould as wall decoration.

Tables and chairs are cleverly arranged for maximum seating to fit the long space of shop.

This two lovely girls were stopped by me while doing their work. Thank you for being so obliging for my photo shoot ^-^.

At the end of this restaurant, there is another style of seating. It is the Japanese seating on tatami. Here, bloggers are busy taking notes from in house chef. Thank you Open Rice for the invitation to this food tasting session. 

No. 40, Jalan 24/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Sri Hartamas, 50480
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-62064676

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