Pet Grooming workshop at Petsmore, PJ

Petsmore, the largest retail pet shop in Malaysia, a one stop centre that covers your pets needs, organized a grooming workshop to pet owners, pet lovers and media. Titled "So You Think You Can Groom", it was to strengthen relationship between pet owners and their fur kids.

Whenever you are at Petsmore SS2 branch, do go up to the top floor of to see the spacious garden and pet hotel cum veterinary. There are even different rooms equipped with special tables for pet grooming classes.   


Media signing in for this "So You Think You Can Groom" workshop.

I was smitten by some of the cute cats and dogs in Petsmore before the workshop began.

Wow, lucky dog, she was given pedicure, her toe nails are being painted red with cutex!

Couldn't resist taking photo with this pretty lady!

Some of the cats brought in by other bloggers, aren't they cute?

Oh, dear, my pet cat, Miu Miu is antisocial and she just refused to come out of her carrier. See her face is so fierce and angry.

Basic grooming for dogs and cats as written on the board. This is the least a pet owner should know.

 Mr. Sean Saw, the COD of Petsmore, giving a speech.

Mr, Sean introduced Furfurry Academy in his speech. Furfurry Academy's aim is to nurture and educate new talent in the grooming field. "It take a lot of patience, passion and knowledge to be a great pet owner" said Mr. Sean. Therefore, he hopes to share his knowledge with other pet owners as it is not just simply shaving or snipping off pet's fur as this could lead to disastrous result.

It was then followed by Petsmore Master Groomer sharing some easy tips to ensure your pet is well groomed at home. Participants were listening intently, as she said that grooming is important for a pets health and well being.

Here, Master Groomer shows how to trim the nails of a cat. First, push out the nails, then trimmed off the white part not the inner pinkish area. 

If the pinkish area was cut, it will bleed. She showed how to wipe off the blood with a cotton wool and some black antiseptic powder. 

Ok, now everything is in place, we can have hands-on practical grooming on our pets. Since my Miu Miu is still glaring and hissing in her carrier, Petsmore is kind enough to lend me a cat. 

First, it's the ear cleaning. This kitten stayed still and was quietly enjoying its ear being cleaned. Cool! 

How do we comb our pet's fur? Master Groomer said that it has to be combed upwards, down up. OMG, so all this while I have been combing my pet's fur head downwards which is the wrong way! Ok, remember, we have to comb it upwards so that the fur can be loosened and fluffy.

Everyone was very excited, and the dogs section was also filled with activities with Master Groomer helping out.

Two cats? This guy is scratching his head. "Which one do I start grooming first?" he must be having a dilemma, hehe.

This "So You Think You Can Groom" workshop ended the certificates given out to all participants. Thank you Petsmore for this workshop as I can now groom my Miu Miu at home ^-^ 

Petsmore is currently offering attractive deal of RM150 only on the First Trail Cat Grooming Package for 5 sessions with services such as ear cleaning, nail care, and bathing and blow drying. It is RM100 only on the First Trial Dog Basic Grooming Package. There is this much sought after Spa Grooming service - Micro Bubbles SPA System that offers anti-bacterial deep cleansing, deodorization and moisturization giving pets a calming effect. For more info, please visit or facebook at:

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