Sisters Place Kopitiam @ Pacific Place, Ara Damansara

A place for a plate of delicious Char Koay Teow is now in Sisters Place Kopitam at Ara Damansara, Pacific Place next to Evolve Mall. Sisters Place is the second branch of Sisters Char Koay Teow at USJ 16, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Sisters Special Char Koay Teow - RM13.90 

Tasty with fresh ingredients, this is the signature char koay teow that lives up to its name. The Normal Sisters Char Koay Teow can be either Mee, Bihun, Koay Teow Mee, Mee Bihun or Koay Teow Bihun cost RM8.50. Signature Sister Special consist of more prawns, more cockles and squid. The texture of the squid is soft and sweet because of the freshness. Sisters Char Koay Teow is the best dish and a must try as the koay teow is fried to the correct 'wok hei'. Most people can fry koay teow, but as my mother used to teach me, "to fry koay teow, you have to fry the koay teow until it  becomes springy translucent with the correct heat and yet not too dry or over burnt" So this is the secret skill that I have yet to master until today :(

Curry Chee Cheong Fun - RM8.50

My family members all agreed that this Curry Chee Cheong Fun is indeed very good, especially the curry sauce. I was told that the curry chicken is from home-cooked secret ingredients. The consistency of the curry is just right and eaten together with the chee cheong fun noodles, it is heavenly.

Sisters Fried Rice - RM8.50

Don't be deceived by the simple looks. At first I also thought that "ha, it is just a normal fried rice". But after tasting it, it is indeed one level above with lots of chopped prawns, long beans and egg. My daughter loves it and finish off the whole plate in no time.

Penang Curry Mee - RM8.50

As the name goes, I expected a full version of Penang style as I am also a Penangite. Therefore, I tend to make comparison to authentic Penang curry mee. There are the usual ingredients of prawns, cockles, tau pok, squid and taugeh. The soup does not fail my critical taste bud but lack the punch. Maybe because there is no vegetables at all.   

Penang Hokkien Char Bee Hoon - RM8.50

To me, it is also called Wet Fried Bee Hoon in some kopitiams in Penang. Here is the chicken liver added into this dish to replace pork liver as this is a pork free restaurant.

Nasi Lemak 

Nasi Lemak is the new menu, added to cater for morning Breakfast. The rice is fragrant with the appropriate amount of coconut milk and spices. The sambal is has the right spiciness and generous amount anchovies but a little bit too salty for me. 

Herbal Longan - RM2.50, Kopi O - RM2.50 & Cham C -  RM3.00

There are many other menus of rice, snacks, porridge and beverages of hot and cold drinks, including fruit juices and canned drinks.

This Sisters Place kopitiam is long and accessible from two ends, the front that is facing the Evolve Mall and the back is facing the open garden space. 

Unit D01-02, Block D, Jalan PJU1A/4A
Pacific Place, Ara Damansara

Tel: 03-78596128

Business Hours: 9 am - 11 pm

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